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Russian Proverbs (701-796)

When the Tsar has a cold all Russia coughs.

The Tsar has three hands but only one ear.

Love your wife like your soul. Shake her like a pear tree.

A wife isn't a mitten-you can't take her off your hand.

Everyone has his own Tsar in his head.

Truth pricks the eyes.

The swallow starts the spring
and the nightingale finishes it.

Don't go to the threshold without God.

The Tsar is gracious, but not so his kennel keeper.

Poverty is no vice but something far worse.

Make peace with men, and quarrel with your sins.

One hears pedestrians sing most of the riding songs.

Where there are crumbs there will be mice.

Poverty is no crime.

Youth-folly old age-illness.

Do not praise your wife before seven years.

The world has been based on injustice since time immemorial.

Work as if you were to live forever.
Pray as if you were to die tonight.

Depart from evil and create good.

One old friend is better than two new ones.

The licking tongue may make a wound.

Are there tears-there is conscience.

Say what you want with your tongue,
but don't let your hands loose.

Work loves fools.

When wrath and vengeance marry, cruelty is born.

You can never tie up people's tongues.

Once you're taken on the yoke,
don't say that you're not strong enough.

The quieter you travel, the farther you'll get.

Don't spit in the well, you may have to drink the water.

Free will is worse than constraint.

Even God forgives fools.

Nowhere in the world do eyes look satisfied.

Youth is green, age is sturdy.

A trade won't burden your shoulders.

Tears come more often from the eyes,
than from the heart.

Respect your teachers more than your parents.

The whole wide world isn't dear.

There's more to the world than you can see through your window,
Get outside and you'll see more.

Work isn't a wolf, it won't run off into the forest.

The world is not without good people.

It's not the years that age, but sorrow.

He whose tongue is arrested by his front teeth will never offend.

One mangy sheep spoils the whole herd.

Without skill you cannot even catch a louse.

Wives, razors, and horses should never be lent.

Wisdom adorns old age.

Three women are a market, and seven a whole fair.

If you haven't given your word,
restrain yourself If you have, keep it.

Two women, a market three women, a fair.

A spoken word is silver, silence is gold.

A spoken word isn't a sparrow if it flies out, you won't catch it.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring.

Mistrust the woman who speaks only of her virtue.

Even the sword won’t hack off the head
of one who confessed his crimes.

God goes to him who comes to Him.

If a woman is cold, it is her husband's fault.

It is easier for the mare when the woman gets off the cart.

If you're afraid of wolves, don't go into the forest.

No matter how much you feed a wolf,
he keeps on looking into the forest.

When you live with the wolves, howl like a wolf.

The wolf does not fear the sheepdog, but his collar or nails.

Talk about the wolf, and the wolf is here.

Make yourself a sheep,
and the wolf is ready.

Seek the brave in prison and the stupid among the clergy.

Don't swing your fists after the fight.

Failure teaches you more than success.

A fool is pleased by beauty alone.

A fish begins to stink at the head.

The fall is allowed to get up is commanded.

One usually succeeds not by force, but by ability.

If a fool has a hump nobody notices it,
If the wise man has a pimple, everybody talks about it.

Fools are lucky.

A small fish is better than a large cockroach.

A good silence is better than a bad dispute.

Do not kill the sheep to take its wool.

Has large Fear has large eyes.

Only fleas are to be caught quickly.

In the garden of time grows the flower of consolation.

When the whole family is together, the soul is in place.

A fisherman can see a fisherman from afar.

Where wealth is established,
it is difficult for friendship to find a place.

When the fool drops his bread it falls into the honeypot.

You can’t get two hides from one ox.

Don’t dig a hole for someone else,
you’ll only fall into it yourself.

If a swine had horns, he would wipe every off the earth.

The tale is soon told, but the job is not soon done.

Not every dog that barks, bites.

A dog is wiser than a woman,
he does not bark at his master.

He who associates with dogs learns to pant.

Once talks of what hurts one.

A sword does not ben and gold does not rust.

The dog does not know how to swim,
until the water reaches his ears.

Dread silent dogs.

A small dog is a puppy until old age.

A dog can only dream of bones.

The dog is a lion in his own home.


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