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Vietnamese Proverbs (119)

Hearing a hundred times is not worth seeing once.

Reproach yourself ten times when you reproach others once.

The rich worry over their money, the poor over their bread.

Since one lives, one must suffer.
But by suffering one gets wiser and better.

The frog at the bottom of a well, believes that the sky is small.

When you eat fruit, think of the man who planted the tree.

Even the wisest girl will yield
to the boy who perseveres in his wooing.

It is a good friend who helps one in poverty.

A man alive is worth more than a pile of gold.

To become a teacher one must first respect one's teacher.

One learns much more from one's friends than from one's teacher.

Better die in honor than live in disgrace.

The higher the position, the greater the hardship.

Food and clothing from one's parents,
knowledge from one's teacher.

The more you fight the more you get hurt.

To eat fish one has to go angling.

If you stay too near the fire, your face will get burned.

Rice makes man strong, money makes him bold.

Don't have greater respect for money than for man.

If the father is a good man, the son will behave well.

An elephant without a keeper is like a man without a wife.

To eat one must chew, to speak one must think.

Man rears animals and animals keep man alive.

The more children, the more debts the more wives,
the more misfortunes.

When the man is absent, the home is empty.
When the woman is absent, the kitchen is empty.

Poverty benumbs intelligence.

Animals become mad one season of the year.
Man becomes foolish all the year around.

Dogs keep the house and roosters
announce daybreak with their crows.

The buffalo which comes late will have to drink
muddy water and eat dried grass.

Buffaloes and bulls fight one another,
but flies and mosquitoes die from the fight.

What is good for the buffalo is good for the cow.

Rice and fish are as inseparable as mother and child.

A rice field without fertilizer,
is like a human body without clothes.

Small cats catch small mice.

It is better to die in honor than live in disgrace.

Man's heart is deeper than the sea,
more secret than a tightly closed room.

A hundred men will have a hundred different characters.

Markets have customs and communes have traditions.

Brothers and sisters are like hands and feet.

What is true of the buffalo's bowels
is true of the cow's bowels.

One must exchange a bowl for a bowl of rice.

Birds have nests, men have ancestors.

The boat follows the helm, the woman follows her husband.

The bird which escapes from the cage never wants to come back.

The less we eat, the greater is our appetite.

One eats the banana and throws away the peel.

A house full of gold is not worth a small bag of learning.

Happy hours are very short.

One must eat first to be able to carry out religion.

If one has money, one can even buy fairies.

When you get into a house, follow the rules of that house.

When the rice crop is abundant,
don't look down upon the potatoes.

Young bamboo trees are easy to bend.

Nice words penetrate into the bones.

Nice words do not cost anything,
so one should can please others' ears.

Bees make honey that they cannot eat.
Birds build nests they cannot keep.

The cranes are caught because they are lured by the bait.

A thatched cottage with love is still better
than a tile-roofed castle without it.

Heaven who creates the elephant also creates grass.

When a husband and wife agree with each other,
they can dry up the ocean with buckets.

A day in prison is longer than a thousand years at large.

Better have many children than many riches.

A night spent by the side of a wise man i
s worth more than a year caressed by a stupid man.

The prostitute who has no customers,
reproaches her own mouth to have no charm.

Money comes and goes as the tide ebbs and flows.

A good name is better than fine clothes.

Respect for one's superiors, kindness for one's inferiors.

The fat buffalo will draw the lean buffalo.

Mother and daughter-in-law never praise each other.

Although a mountain is high,
there is still a way to reach its top.

Don't let rice fields lay fallow.
An inch of soil is an inch of gold.

The mother is to the child what the king is to the nation.

Money comes first and then the law.

Law courts lie in wait for unfortunate people.

If one has money one will have servants.

One should fish where the water is running.

He who perseveres will succeed.

Young, one wears flowers old, one bears disease.

Don't let high waves scare you to lose the oars.

As you respect old people, you will be blessed with longevity.

Wise people keep their mouth closed,
strong people keep their arms folded.

Patient resignation is a golden word.
Whoever practices it will have a long life.

Without illness and disease, one can get rich very soon.

Never urge people to do wrong,
even when an injustice has occurred.

Man's tongue is more poisonous than the bee's sting.

The young rely on their fathers, the old on their children.

Nice words penetrate into the bones.

Man is for wartime, woman for peacetime.

As fallow soil gives birth to weeds,
old age gives birth to disease.

Nice words do not cost anything.

The righteous woman has only one husband.

A man without a wife is like a horse without a bridle.

If you play with the dog, he will lick your face.

If the crows knew that they are black,
they would not go about close to the storks.

When life is exhausted, death comes.

One can fill up a river or a well,
but one cannot close a foul mouth.

Don't caress the tiger's whiskers when he is sleeping.

Toads will bully frogs.

Good wood is better than a good layer of painting.

If one receives a plum, one must return a peach.


A man without knowledge,
is like a man groping in the dark.

The law does not show respect to relatives.

Time flies away as fast as a shuttle on the loom.

Strength is for man, sweetness for woman.

The tiger does not eat his own cubs.

Take vegetables in hunger, and medicine in illness.

Virtue knocks beauty dead.

When the young wife gets into the house,
the mother-in-law gets out of it.

A plain woman with moral beauty,
is better than a beautiful woman.

Everybody's lamp lights his own house.

Life is a temporary step, death is the journey home.

A woman without a husband is like a boat without a helmsman.

Married women take pity on single women who lie alone in their beds.

Women look for talent, men for beauty.

Bend trees to the shape you want when they are still young.

Women grow more beautiful with silk,
like rice grows better with fertilizer.

Skill is better than knowledge.

Highways can be worn out, but not love and attachment.

He who talks much errs much.