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Russian Proverbs (501-600)

Fools rejoice at promises.

Not he is a good scribe who writes well, but he erases well.

God doesn't give horns to a cow that butts.

Who is doomed to the gallows will never be drowned.

Self-interest is a fire which
first consumes others and then self.

There is no such fiery love that would
not be cooled down by marriage.

Love and fear cannot be hidden.

When one erects a throne to lies,
one erects a gallows to truth.

Lie, but don't overdo it.

If there is life,
there will be a cure.

Love starts from the eyes.

Don't be afraid of a loss, then you will get profit.

Love is a ring, and a ring has no end.

Who hastens to live soon dies.

Friendship is friendship, but work is work.

What you reap, that you will thresh.

A drowning man will even clutch at a straw.

No matter how much rope is wound up,
there's bound to be an end.

The sighs of the happy are only featherweight.

Once bad luck has come, open your gates.

He whom we love is white even when unwashed.

A fool and his goods are soon parted.
A wise man and his poverty always remain united.

Lovers seek willingly new roads the married seek the old.

A man can hang himself from his own tree,
as well as from his neighbor's.

If you are afraid of bad luck you will never get good luck.

Where there is love, there is God.

What has been reaped green will be eaten raw.

Too much luck is dangerous.

Luck without wisdom is like a knapsack with holes.

A man is good if he makes others better men.

It's no use hiding a sin.

One's own shirt is closer to one's body.

Luck and bad luck are driving in the same sledge.

A well-fed man can't understand a hungry one.

The face of Christ is like all men's faces.

Fish look for deeper waters,
and men for where it's better.

Be vain and you will be known as a fool.

Friendship is friendship, but money has to be counted.

As you pour out for your friend so must you drink.

Doubt even your eyes,
still less trust other people's words.

A fool hopes to get honey, even from wasps.

As long as there is a forest an axe will be found.

The end to a job is a crown.

Where the flower is, the honey is also.

Seven don't wait for one.

A repentant sinner is worth more than ten saints
who never succumbed to temptation.

When a fool has too many roses he plants thorns amongst them.

Who dies for his faith gains a kingdom.

An obliging fool is more dangerous than an enemy.

That which a girl does not know adorns her.

A girl is like a shadow follow her,
she runs flee from her, she follows you.

The farther into the forest, the more firewood.

As the family is, so is the offspring.

Of ready-cut logs it is easy to make a fire.

Ten flowers together will make a nosegay.

In every evil there is something good.

When there's no fish, even the crayfish is a fish.

When forests are cut, chips fly.

The attractive side of the merchandise is shown.

A sin of gold is followed by a punishment of lead.

A wise man won't call a fool a fool, but a fool,
will always call a wise man a fool.

As your heart, so is your word.

God gives the day and provides the food for it.

You catch fish in troubled waters.

Make a fool pray to God, and he'll smash his forehead.

Only the evening will show what the day has been.

He who seeks a constant friend goes to the cemetery.

He who is a friend of the forest cannot be an enemy of the tree.

For every illness there is a herb growing.

Every wise man has been attributed
with his share of simplicities.

Man builds castles, time ruins them.

The rich man gets calves, the poor man children.

As many steps a man has paced,
so many sins has he committed.

If a man knew where he would fall he would spread straw first.

Trust is before anything, but pay in advance.

It's nice visiting, but better at home.

It is hard for a man who stands to talk to one who is seated.

God is present not in strength, but in truth.

God loves the Trinity.

The rich man wonders how the poor
man lives, but God helps him.

Anything can happen. Even the rich man
can knock at the poor man's door.

To a hungry man it is always noon.

To a healthy man everything is healthy.

Man is a walking corpse.

Every wise man has a measure of simplicity.

Clever father, clever daughter clever mother, clever son.

Marriage is a tomb of love.

The matchmaker gets the first cup and the first stick.

The veil that covers the face seldom covers beauty.

Silence is a sign of consent.

Who owns the shore owns the fish.

To fall into mud is not a virtue,
but it is a disgrace to remain there.

Marriage is not a race you can always get there in time.

Even a good marriage is a time of trial.

There is no market for empty purses.

Measure seven times, but cut only once.

There is marriage but there is no "dismarriage."

To a healthy man everything is healthy.

Even the walls of a house weep when the master is away.

To a hungry man it is always noon.


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