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Russian Proverbs (101-200)

It isn't the buying that teaches, it is the selling.

An advertisement is the engine of commerce.

The higher the castle the nearer to the lightning.

A boor can't be made into a gentleman.

Proverbs are the coins of the people.

A present looks for a present.

The belly is a scamp, it remembers
not the good done to it.

It's not the position that makes the man,
but the man the position.

The poorer, the more generous.

As the block, so the chip.

When you have made your bed everybody wants to lie on it.

A narrow boot will stretch, a broad one will shrink.

No bones are broken by a mother's fist.

Better a bed of wood than a bier of gold.

Two boots make a pair.

Where God does not make the key the lock is not secure.

It is easier to fill twenty bellies than one pair of eyes.

There is no proverb without a grain of truth.

The noblemen's quarrels can be read
on the backs of the peasants.

People get drunk not from too much wine,
from not enough time.

If a peasant has a lot, he hauls it on a cart.

A good beginning is worth more than money.

One's body belongs to the Tsar, one's soul to God,
and one's back to the squire.

Don't boast when you depart, but when you arrive.

A full belly is deaf to learning.

If the bitch doesn't want it, the male dog won't be able to jump on.

He who builds in a bog must not be sparing with the stakes.

Blood is no water.

Better be born happy than pretty.

Every living being likes a donation.

If you are going to do something carelessly,
it would be better to give it up entirely.

Some people are masters of money,
and some are slaves.

Seven persons don't wait for one.

Prayers to God and service to the Tsar are not lost.

Proverbs are butterflies, some are caught, others escape.

When God wishes, even water can burn.

Beginning and ending take each other by the hand.

In the steppe even a beetle is meat.

Beauty of the chaste is a virtue, that of a whore a quality.

If there's bread, there will be mice.

Where the devil doesn't have time to go, he sends a woman.

They were bowing to you when borrowing,
but you are bowing to them when collecting.

If you have no bread, drink wine.

For timber, even a parson is a thief.

For the sake of a proverb a peasant walked to Moscow.

Better bread with water than cake with trouble.

When an ass bears too light a load he wants to lie down.

The priest and the cock sing on an empty stomach.

You would not know where to put all the profits if there were no losses.

If you can't get grapes get an apple.

If you would eat bread don't remain sitting on the oven.

Some like the priest, some his wife, and some his daughter.

A new broom sweeps a new way.

Those who are brave get to eat.

Death for a common cause is beautiful.

If two people tell you you are drunk, go to sleep.

He who brings up something from the past should have his eye put out.

The boss is always right.

What will be will surely happen.

A spoken word isn't a sparrow if it flies out, you won't catch it.

Bread on a journey is no burden.

Profits and losses walk in the same shoes.

The proverb comes from the intellect, and the intellect from the proverb.

It is the bread that keeps one warm, not the fur.

Bread and salt never quarrel.

Without "Our Father" there is no bread.

A new broom sweeps clean.

Seven persons don't wait for one.

Patience and hard work will overcome everything.

One must not despise even a calamity.

What will be cannot be escaped.

An affectionate calf gets to suck two cows.

At night all cats are gray.

One can get sick of cake, but never of bread.

The devil is poor, he has no God.

Proverbs beautify speech.

One loves the priest and another his wife.

On an empty belly every burden is heavy.

Whether you buy or not, you can always barter a little.

Poverty is not a sin, it is something worse.

Give the trough and the pigs will appear.

He that denies the cat skimmed milk
must give the mouse cream.

What small children wear out and pigs eat no one sees.

Even a coffin is made to measure.

With seven nurses the child loses its eye.

Caution is no cowardice even fleas are armed.

The confectioner likes bread best.

The word of the Tsar is a proverb.

Measure your cloth seven times,
you can cut it but once.

As is the priest, so is the parish.

A proverb is always wise.

A hard-earned penny lives a lifetime.

For a deaf person, one doesn't celebrate two masses.

Do not catch everything that swims.

One is received according to one's coat.
one is dismissed according to one's brain.

You cannot sew buttons on your neighbor's mouth.

One cannot make a fur coat from a "Thank you".

When one claw is caught, the whole bird perishes.

Community is as strong as water, and as stupid as a pig.

A child with seven nannies often has an eye missing.


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