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Latvian Proverbs (51)

He who is the last to be put in the sack is the first to get out of it.

The roots of work are bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Sleep is the poor man's treasure.

If you take care of the soil, the soil will take care of you.

A bad start means a good end.

A small stump upsets a big cart.

In a dense forest the trees grow straight.

Money is waiting to be counted.

However much you eat, leave some seed for sowing.

When there's a lot of smoke, there's little heat.

Envy has smarting eyes.

Where the fence is down everyone can get over.

The winter asks you what you have done during the summer.

It isn't every kind of wood that a whistle can be made from.

One's wife and one's stove stay at home.

It's a long way from words to deeds.

It's the tall tree that is stirred by every wind.

Cut bread cannot be put together again.

Counting your sheep won't keep the wolf away.

You can't carry what you can't lift.

The devil himself doesn't know where women sharpen their knives.

The ready back gets all the loads.

The folded hands gain no bread.

Money doesn't tear one's pockets.

Where there's a church there's an inn not far away.

There's but one road open to a thief, but every road will do for his captors.

Where there is frying there's a smell.

Where a pig burrows there are roots.

The master's horse and one's own whip make fast driving.

As the job, so the clothes.

No one buys illness with money.

As the blow, so the pain.

If you can't use your eyes, follow your nose.

As the coat, so the lining.

That which creaks must be oiled.

Where there's a high fence there's a snowdrift.

The life of a man is as spotted as a woodpecker's coat.

A white mare needs washing; a pretty wife, watching.

A man without a beard is like a loaf that has no crust.

More people are drowned in the glass than in the sea.

A meager peace is better than a fat quarrel.

An old buck has still horns.

The mind of a woman is like the wind and the water.

A promise made at an inn never leaves it.

So much dough, so many buns.

Work is not a hare, it won't run away.

Let the devil into a church and he will climb into the pulpit.

He who swallows his food hot burns his lips.

One ox can't be sold to two butchers.

Use your eyes in the field and your ears in the forest.

He who talks, sows; he who listen, reaps.