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Russian Proverbs (001-100)

Onion and garlic are born brothers.

When money speaks the truth keeps silent.

Walk fast and you catch misfortune.
Walk slowly and it catches you.

Money goes where money is.

Where the power, there the law.

He who has brewed the porridge must eat it himself.

When misfortune appears, open wide the gates.

Misfortune is the beginning of evil.

You give money with your hand,
but you go after it with your feet.

One misfortune is no disaster.

Wherever there are men there is also misfortune.

If you get into the pack you need not bark,
but wag your tail you must.

If you talk to an official you must talk roubles.

Every merchant praises his own merchandise.

Money does not smell.

Money loves to be counted.

Mistrust is an axe at the tree of love.

When the mill grinds, flour when tongues grind, trouble.

You won't spoil the porridge with butter.

The pig knows no meal hours.

After getting burnt on milk, you'll start to blow even on water.

Copper money makes rusty love.

That which is taken in with the mother's milk
only goes out with the soul.

Don't poke your nose into someone else's monastery
with your own regulations.

People's opinion has crucified Christ.

When misfortune is asleep, do not wake her.

Necessity teaches to eat white bread.

With a sweetheart you can have paradise in ahut.

In the eyes of the jealous a mushroom grows into a palm tree.

Two cannot dine off one mouse.

Necessity skips, necessity dances, necessity sings songs.

In Moscow there is never a scarcity of bread.

Without praise you cannot sell
without disparagement you cannot buy.

Play, but don't try to retrieve your losses.

Necessity will teach one to eat white bread.

An owlet is a beauty in the eyes of its mother.

The ploughman has no time for mischief.

To some people Moscow is a mother,
and to others a step-mother.

The moon also shines, but does not warm.

A good name replaces a shirt that is missing.

The need knows no price.

Moscow was set ablaze by a one-copeck candle.

Where necessity speaks, it demands.

Moscow wasn't built in an instant.

Necessity alters the law.

A near neighbor is better than a distant relative.

You can't cook porridge with a fool.

Poverty generates resourcefulness.

To a fool the ocean is knee deep.

A charred place smells a long time.

Where there is a neck there will be a yoke.

Every nag imagines himself to be a fancy trotter.

Where goes the needle, there goes the thread.

The naked don't fear robbery.

Love your neighbor, but put up a fence.

The morning is wiser than the evening.

If you don't deceive, you won't sell it.

Beside the rotten apple the good one also spoils.

Beauty's sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.

Opportunity brings success.

If you give the pain freedom you
will have to lie down and die.

Two bears don't live together in one den.

What you cannot praise do not disparage.

If you chase after two rabbits,
you won't catch even one.

You can't wash the black off a black dog.

What the devil brings he also takes away.

One cannot die before one's death.

Whatever has been taken in battle is sacred.

The belly is not a mirror.

A dead body has its coffin, and a live man his hut.

The beauty of a loan is repayment.

One should not kiss the occasion that has a dirty mouth.

One gets to know people during games and on journeys.

Eternal peace only lasts till the first fight.

An agreement is more valuable than money.

Abuse doesn't hang on the collar.

A purse cries before leaving the pocket.

Profits don't live without losses.

Courteous asking breaks even city walls.

Someone else's calamity
doesn't add to your own wisdom.

An army stands until peace,
and a lie does so till the truth is out.

Who owns the bank owns the fish.

The apple does not fall far from the apple tree.

From the front entrance, a refusal.
From the back entrance, a welcome.

Paper can stand anything.

You cannot deceive God even by getting up early.

The apple doesn't roll far from the apple tree.

He who offers his back should not complain if it is beaten.

There is plenty of sound in an empty barrel.

No apple tree is immune from worms.

You can't get around a proverb.

You can't argue against a proverb, a fool, or the truth.

If you don't grease the axle, you won't be able to travel.

Old age is not a blessing.

Acknowledgment is half of correction.

A bad peace is better than a good war.

"Perhaps" and "never mind" are born brothers.

A bear which is not tied up won't dance.

Whom God wishes to punish, He deprives of his reason.

Don't pluck the apple while it is green
when it is ripe it will fall of itself.


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