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Ga Proverbs (42)

Ga is a Kwa language, part of the Niger–Congo family. It is very closely related to Adangme, and together they form the Ga–Dangme branch within Kwa. It is spoken in Ghana.

The eyes of a stranger may be very large,
but he does not see the inner things of the town.

A bad person is better than an empty house.

A man is not lean without cause.

If a thief says he knows how to steal, let him steal a cannon.

Gunpowder and fire do not agree.

Hate has no medicine.

A tree which has no fork, its ascent is difficult.

No one gives a pig to a hyena to keep.

He who has wine says it is good.

Nobody is twice a fool.

An old broom is better than a new one.

If the horse is mad, he who sits upon it is not also mad.

A good word removes anger.

The days of poverty are more than the days of superfluity.

A hot needle burns the thread.

A quiet man makes not the noise of an elephant.

Were no elephant in the jungle,
the buffalo would be a great animal.

It is the ear that troubles the mouth.

A debtor does not get angry.

A crab does not beget a bird.

Two crocodiles do not live in one hole.

No sleep, no dream.

One bad nut spoils all.

Clear water is not wanted for quenching fire.

Nobody wars with ghosts.

A dead goat does not fear the knife.

If stretching were wealth, the cat would be rich.

The brook does not ascend the mountain.

Quarrel is not a food which is eaten.

A good word removes anger.

A young crocodile does not die in the river.

A stick that goes into fire will begin to burn.

A child does not break a land tortoise,
but a child knows how to break a snail.

Earth and heaven do not come together.

The mouth does not know that its master is afraid.

An elephant does not eat small berries.

The cat does not cease to cry "miau."

A river moves a river on.

A blind man does not show the way to a blind man.

Nobody hates anybody without cause.

A cat is not sold in a bag, but openly produced.

A hyena does not drive a cow.