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Indian Tamil Proverbs (201-300)

When mature and on the wing,
all birds will look after their own food.

Ignorant children are not better than calves.

The comfort of the bed is not experienced by the mattress.

A coconut shell full of water is an ocean to an ant.

A cat is called a domestic tiger, and the king of rats.

Virtue, wealth, and pleasure are not common to all.

Excessive desire entails great loss.

The tears of the poor are as sharp swords.

A village doomed to ruin profits not by repeated precaution.

A good bullock requires but one blow,
and a good woman only one word.

Neglect not a work in which you are skillful.

Avoid the house of a prostitute.

Joy and grief must be regulated by moderation.

The property of food is the support of life.

A secret that should be concealed in the mind is uttered by a fool.

Cakes are baked in a chatty,
steeped rice is flattened in a mortar.

The whole village is mother to the motherless.

A vicious bullock will not be brought to market.

The whole town is friendly to a physician.

Time goes, words remain a ship goes, the shore remains.

Every one is responsible for his own actions.

The word of the destitute does not reach the assembly.

Delay will lead to ruin.

The value of father is known after his decease,
that of salt when exhausted.

Look at the work before you pay the hire.

He who takes care of his property will not be robbed.

The secular and the sacred are both necessary.

Believe not all you hear, tell not all you believe.

Beauty and ugliness are in the face.

When the mouth opens, lies come forth.

If in excess even nectar is poison.

There is no tree that cannot be bored by a beetle.

An elephant is not affected by sunshine or rain.

Look at the mother before you take
her daughter in marriage.

A double tongue will slip.

The mother of a second child is midwife
to the mother of a first child.

The defects in the eyelashes are not apparent to the eye.

Though a bird is hungry, it will not eat poisonous berries.

Kicking against thorns will cause pain.

Austerity is an ornament, humility is honorable.

He who knows one thing does not know all things.

Even a monkey will not stay in
a village divided against itself.

As is the mother such is the child,
as is the yarn such is the cloth.

He who possesses no property is but half a man.

Though the heavy rain is over,
the dropping from the trees continues.

A kind word is better than a harsh one.

The moon shines even in the house of the outcast.

An old thief will one day be caught.

The miser will not prosper.

A river never flows straight.

Anger first, and pity afterwards.

The more a ball is struck, the more it rebounds.

The scorpion stings him who helps it out of the fire.

A time for adversity, and a time for prosperity.

He who helps another in his misfortune
becomes his master.

Even old straw may be of use sometime or other.

A mirror reflects whatever is before it.

By the continual creeping of ants a stone will wear away.

If one throws stones into mud, his own clothes get spattered.

He who is weeping has no pride.

Poison is the medicine of poison.

The number drowned in alcohol is in excess
of those drowned in water.

The prosperity of the ship owner is at the mercy of the wind.

Demons strike the timid.

A good story badly told soon loses its effect.

Death may occur at six, or at a hundred years of age.

Mere weapons are ineffective.

The owl is small, its screech is loud.

The sleep of a child is advantageous to the mother.

A young snake is more poisonous
and vigorous than an old one.

Oppressors sleep not day or night.

The sick person knows the intensity of his suffering.

A prudent youth is superior to a stupid old man.

A slip of the tongue is worse than that of the foot.

Abstinence is the best medicine.

He who listens to the words of a woman
will be accounted worthless.

Sleep is unconscious of enjoyment.

Momentary pleasure is inferior pleasure.

The sands of a river cannot be counted.

You may kill even a cow that aims to kill you.

Continued uncertainty leads to war.

Simplicity is the ornament of a woman.

Pay at once, delay is bad.

Ill-gotten wealth and illicit pleasure are both bad.

The ship goes, the port remains.

A slanderer and a snake each have two tongues.

He who planted the tree will water it.

By continually urging, the work
undertaken may be completed.

The parrot will utter what it is taught.

Persons of imperfect learning have no reputation.

Though golden slippers, they must be put on the feet.

A cow eats moving, a horse eats standing.

An ignorant man is despised even by women.

If a woman be chaste she may
live in the street of the harlots.

The poverty of the learned is better than the wealth of the unlearned.

Persons of little learning are always talkative.

Persons of imperfect learning have no reputation.

Do not ask advice of the ignorant.

The accountant is clever at numbers,
but he is ignorant of his own accounts.

The sick person knows the intensity of his suffering.


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