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Indian Tamil Proverbs (001-100)

Persons of little learning are always talkative.

A noisy dog is not fit for hunting.

Fine gold in the hands of the unthrifty is of no value.

Happiness is desired by all.

Better is the hatred of the wise than the friendship of fools.

Even gold is a thing of nought to the generous.

Without manure the growing grain will not yield a good crop.

The hand helps the legs and the legs help the hands.

The father acquires wealth, the son destroys it.

The right hand helps the left and the left the right.

Grief and joy are a revolving wheel.

The tongue having no bone will turn any way.

The dead dog will bite no more.

A dog has nothing to do, and no time to rest.

Do not step down unless you know the depth.

Habits contracted in the cradle cleave
to one till he goes to the burning ground.

Train a boy strictly, but a girl kindly.

The hand that is ready to steal bran will be ready to steal money also.

A house consumes standing still, an elephant when moving.

Heaven is the help of the helpless.

The friendship of two depends on the forbearance of one.

The friendship of the base is dangerous.

The heart of one void of compassion is harder than iron.

On the death of an elephant the tusk remains,
on the death of a tiger the skin.

By concealing one fault another may arise.

The horse knows his rider, and a wife her husband.

Youthful education will prove beneficial.

A burnt cat shuns the fireplace.

Disgrace will attach to a king
who has not a competent person near him.

A true friend is the nectar of life.

Extreme hunger will induce a man to break through
a stone wall and steal.

A good husband may have a bad wife,
and a bad husband may have a good wife.

A hypocrite is worse than a demon.

Hunger cannot be satisfied by eating froth.

Black will not become white, nor bitter sweet.

Wisdom gives wealth and honor.

Beauty will sit and weep, fortune will sit and eat.

Ignorance is better than imperfect knowledge.

The temple girl who could not dance said
that the hall was not large enough.

A jungle inhabited by fierce tigers
is better than a country ruled by a cruel tyrant.

A little indolence will bring great sorrow.

Earth in the mouth of the dead, and rice in the mouth of the living.

The distinction of big and little does not apply to snakes.

Though the cow gives a large pot of milk,
it is not equal to the horse in speed.

Indolence changes nectar into poison.

Indolence in youth will bring poverty in old age.

Indolence leads to poverty, inaction to ignorance.

Modesty is the ornament of a woman.

Wisdom is regulated by knowledge, good conduct by love.

Indulgence in the parent is not good for the child.

Industry in youth will support one in old age.

The friendship of foes is like fire concealed in smoke.

Learn the future by looking at things past.

What gift is there that equals the gift of food.

Many will find fault with a house newly built.

A good disposition is the best treasure.

When there is wealth, there is power.

Freedom from sickness is true happiness,
and competence is true riches.

Build a small house, and live thriftily.

The more a well is drawn, the better the spring.

The friendship of a brother-in-law lasts while one's sister lives.

A large family gives beauty to a house.

Instruction is wealth, and learning is fame.

Though a king, he is the son of his mother.

A tight knot cannot be formed in a thick rope.

If apart, long friendship, if together,
the least touch will provoke hatred.

He that increases knowledge increases sorrow.

Thoroughly acquired knowledge does not fail.

He who is truthful may be the enemy of many.

Sell what you have and buy what is really good.

A wife gives beauty to a house.

A silent dog will bite the heels.

A decaying family will not listen to advice.

Learning is more substantial than accumulated riches.

Friendship is stronger than close relationship.

A king and a snake are alike.

The fowl is not aware of its danger before it is caught.

A king without a good counsellor is
like a wayfaring man who is blind.

He is a friend who aids in adversity.

Learning acquired in youth is an inscription on stone.

The labor of the field brings grain.

Even a king will approve of wise men.

The distress of famine is worse than that of fire.

The sound of the bell is heard before
the elephant makes its appearance.

Even a dog is king in his own place.

Many drops make a great flood.

Where there is no labor, there is no profit.

Learning can suffer no damage.

A leader not virtuous is worthless.

Gambling and boasting end in sorrow.

The frog perishes by its own mouth.

Love is all-important, and it is it's own reward.

Frauds and tricks will destroy reputation.

Ripe fruit falls of itself.

The exterior is the mirror of the interior.

Feel for others as you feel for yourself.

Pour in liquor and draw out the secret.

A garment not worn is a prey to moths.

Dreams of bliss and premature wisdom are not lasting.


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