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Indian Tamil Proverbs (301-353)

When a neighbor's roof is in flames one's own is in danger.

Form your plans before sunrise.

A cracked pot will hold sugar.

If in the pot, it will come into the spoon.

He whose skin itches will scratch.

As countries differ, their languages differ also.

Sell what you have and buy what is really good.

The fruit of a tree will fall at its foot.

Separation secures manifest friendship..

A tribe associates with its own tribe,
and goats follow their own kind.

A good tree yields not poisonous fruit,
nor a poisonous tree good fruit.

The word of the destitute does not reach the assembly.

A kind word is better than a harsh one.

The branch of one tree will not stick to another.

Time must elapse before one can get a good name.

The day of birth leads to death.

No matter how long one may live, the day of death will come.

Time is better spent in austerities than in vanity.

Property not looked after perishes.

A prostitute knows how to deprive one of his money.

Great anger is more destructive than the sword.

An unsubmissive youth is useless.

When the lofty trees are felled,
the remaining trees look tall.

A bamboo staff is the king of a vicious snake.

When accounts are examined, difficulties arise.

Truth prevails, falsehood kills.

A harsh word is more painful than a blow.

When anger ceases, revenge ceases.

Destiny and exertion must go together.

The greater the inordinate desire, the greater the loss.

If the anvil is good, the work will be good.

It is not good to unpack in an open place.

Popular agitation leads to justice.

Saying is easy, but doing is difficult.

A promise breaker is in the wrong way.

Beauty is found only in one of a thousand.

When the truth is told, everyone takes it ill.

A calf that goes with a pig will eat excrement.

An unchastized bullock will not obey.

Take care that you walk with your eyes open.

The river carries away him who cannot swim.

The sun goes down on the hungry,
and also on those who eat their rice and milk.

A scepter of justice is the beauty of a king.

A harsh word is more painful than a blow.

Even a dog is king in his own place.

If you caress a dog, he will lick your mouth.

A dog has nothing to do, and no time to rest.

The dead dog will bite no more.

A silent dog will bite the heels.

A noisy dog is not fit for hunting.

The tail of the sheep is proportioned to its size.

If the hire be diminshed, the work will be spoiled.


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