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Indian Hindi Proverbs

Where wealth is, there sorrow is.

It is a brave bird that makes its nest in the cat's ear.

The paper boat will sink some day.

Fasting is the best medicine.

Wheat has chaff on every grain.

It is the fruitful tree that is pelted with stones.

As far as the river flows, it carries mud.

Patience is the greatest prayer.

It takes great wisdom to laugh at one's own misfortunes.

Wealth is the poison of pleasure and the root of sorrows.

The eagle will not pursue flies.

First earn, then eat.

A stream is pure at its rising, but,
like gossip, it becomes muddy.

Pleasure is the seed of trouble.

The world will not conquer him
who is always rubbing his beard.

Where the cow is, there is her calf.

Anger has no eyes.

Little praise is dispraise.

Soil that is fertile is unfit for the road.

A woman's word is a bundle of water.

Time passes away, but sayings remain.

The pot cooks best on its own stove.

Love your neighbor, but do not throw down the dividing wall.

Open chests tempt even the righteous.

A woman's word is a bundle of water.

A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.

A buffalo does not feel the weight of his own horns.

If women manage a village, it will become a desert.

Lack of work brings a thousand diseases.

He who speaks the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.

The axe attacks the forest from whence it got its own handle.

He who will not open the door to give alms
will open it for the doctor.

Gold can come in all doors but Heaven's.

Honor and profit are not found in the same dish.

Woman is the chief gate to hell.

Happiness is guarded by bold warriors.

Friends and mules fail in the time of need.

The wise man does at first what the fool does at last.

If the hand would do what the tongue
says there would be no poverty.

Hand knows hand.

Labor is bitter, but sweet is the bread which it buys.

The brains are not in the beard.

Fields have eyes, and the wilderness has ears.

A mother's love is best of all.

Lust is bottomless.

The thief is king over others' wealth.

Quarrels come of laughter, and disease of coughing.

True happiness consists in making happy.

Any lure is good that brings the bird to the net.

Where the honey is spread there will the flies gather.

It is in vain to look for yesterday's fish in the house of the otter.

No one murders with a golden dagger.

The wise man does at first what the fool does at last.

No one will do strict justice in his own case.

Two swords cannot be kept in on sheath.

It isn’t necessary to add acid to the lemon?

The fly will never leave the confectioner’s shop.

The hide that is stretched is a dead one.


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