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Indian Bihar Proverbs

He who has suffered can sympathize with those in pain.

Faith makes god of a stone.

The word of a man, like the tusk of an elephant,
never be withdrawn.

What is play to one is death to another.

A full belly makes a heavy head.

Tongue, source of honor and shame.

Sing his praise who gives you food.

A dog once struck with a firebrand
dreads even the sight of lightning.

A fool's property is the prey of all.

The miser's loss is sudden.

A rat skin is not sufficient to cover a kettledrum.

A shrew strikes terror into a demon even.

Kill the snake as well as save the stick.

A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber.

Tobacco is necessary for life.

Truth at times parts the best of friends.

A calf takes after its mother, and a foal after its father.

Pain is preferable to remedy in some cases.

A viper is never grateful.

A vain woman thinks of adorning herself only.

God takes care of a blind cow.

A fool thinks of his belly only.

The grass suffers in the fight of the tiger and buffalo.

One who has nothing to lose can be reckless to any extent.

The man who offers you tobacco unasked
is sure to go to heaven.

Love defies law.

A foolish bride gets no presents.

Critics say more than the poet.

A dependent knows no happiness.

A dog is brave at his own door.

One never reveals his defeats
and the beating he has received from his wife.

A dog’s tail can never be straightened.

A farmer is known when at his field.

Fate and self-help equally shape our destiny.

A prophet is with honor save in his own country.

Whatever is in the vessel will come out of the spout.

Music has no charms for a buffalo.

An old parrot never gets tame.


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