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Indian Kashmiri Proverbs

Justice is better than worship.

Knowledge unused is like a torch in the hand of a blind man.

He who wishes evil to another man will suffer his own loss.

A single stick upon the hearth does not burn.

Life is like the flame of a lamp it needs a little oil now and again.

Iron is cut by iron.

Lust causes a man to break into a house and rob.

God is a giver.

Ignorance is the peace of life.

God is pleased with good people.

A man in a foreign country is like a mad dog.

The horse will go according as it is held by the briddle.

A naked man has less care than
a man of wealth or a man of position.

A man loves his own fault.

Better to fill your house with stones than to have a stranger in it.

One blind ox will lead a thousand oxen astray.

Until a man takes trouble he does not get treasure.

A little for you and a little for me-this is friendship.

A deceiver deceives himself.

A well-read man is like a nicely cut stone.

Agreement with two people, lamentation with three.

The right hand washes the left, and the left hand washes the right.

Dogs fight among themselves,
but at the time of the jackal’s cry they are united.

It is easy to throw anything into the river,
but difficult to take it out again.

Giving advice to a stupid man
is like giving salt to a squirrel.

A good name is the root of wealth.

A word stirs up anger or love.

A wise enemy is better than an unwise friend.

The world is a theatre of love.

A good name comes after a while,
but a bad name is soon obtained.

A promise is a charge to keep.

Truth is better than friendship.

All the buds upon a bush do not blossom.

The tongue kills and the tongue saves.

Dogs fight among themselves,
but when the jackals cry they are united.

When it is proper, then do it.

Work done at the proper time is like a king's throne.

Blood comes from much scratching.

Gradually from chippings a mountain is made.

Childhood is freedom.

Better to go barefooted than to wear shoes too narrow.

He who does shame comes to shame.

Small wounds heal quickly, but a wound
by unkind words may never heal.

The customer is known to the shopkeeper.

Pay for work done is like jasmine.

The snake goes crookedly, yet it arrives straight within its hole.

A single ripe pear is better than a whole basketful of unripe pears.

Patience is as a dish of gold.

The generous person gives and the miser is sorrowful.

All things are at a price, but conversation is gratis.

Where sunshine there shade.

The stomach pain is a great pain.

Silence is profitable.

Childhood is without care.

A word stirs up anger or love.

The sound of the carpenter does not remain secret.

No worth is attached to turbans, but to professions.

The tongue is a sword.

Until a man takes trouble he does not get treasure.

Each misfortune will show its own way.

Employment in time of famine is like a warm fire in winter.


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