Business before pleasure.
~ English Proverb, American [15962]

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In the struggle between the stone and water,
in time, the water wins.
~ Japanese Proverb [17331]

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The concept of water being more powerful than stone is a Taoist concept first attributed to Lao Tzu 5th–4th century BCE, China. As with many Taoist concepts, it was quickly adapted by Buddhist teachers. With the spread of Buddhism, especially Zen, the concept migrated into Japan and throughout the world.

The concept is often illustrated with the idea of a river, over time, cutting through mountains of rock and stone.

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Biggest profits mean gravest risks.
~ Chinese Proverb [15940]

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Little by little one walks far.
~ Peruvian Proverb [17658]

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Be what you would seem to be.
~ English Proverb [15806]

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