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Indian Hindustani Proverbs

The empty house is the wasp's estate.

Out of employment, out of health.

An elephant, however lean, is valuable.

Without a wife a house is the abode of a devil.

The reputation of a man is the shadow of a tree.

Earth laughs at him who calls a place his own.

Money, land, and women are the roots of quarrel.

No pleasure like misery when it does not last long.

The man thinks he knows, but the woman knows better.

Labor is the key to rest.

Charity protects you.

There is a choice of but two things, loss or gain.

A butting ox is better than a lonely bed.

The voice of the people is the drum of God.

Opinion slays and opinion keeps alive.

The adult looks to deeds, the child to love.

The world befriends the elephant and tramples on the ant.

The truth is half a quarrel.

Regularity is the best medicine.

One hand cannot clap.

Empty hands don't go to the mouth.

Give a loan and make an enemy.

Amongst men some are pebbles, but others are jewels.

Young lovers wish, and married men regret.


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