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Indian Tamil Proverbs (101-200)

He who leads a useless life will die a miserable death.

Ripe fruit does not remain on the branch.

When fortune smiles one may reign as a king.

Food without hospitality is medicine.

The fire of lust is more fierce than a smoking fire.

When fishermen work together, many fish can be caught.

A bed free from anxiety is the most agreeable of all things.

The more a fig is opened, the greater
will be the number of worms found.

If you break open a fig, you will see cavities here and there.

A weeping man and a smiling woman are not to be trusted.

Flies swarm where there is honey.

Dirt will remove dirt, reproach will overcome reproach.

The water of a well always drawn springs up afresh.

Little fish are the prey of great fish.

Where love reigns the impossible may be attained.

A resolute man cares nothing about difficulties.

The elephant and tiger are afraid of fire.

Excuses are of no avail before God.

Exertion is a manly quality.

The food earned by the plough is sweeter
than that obtained by serving others.

Teachers without moral rules are vain.

Kindness, wealth and self-restraint are essentials.

Though fools are told a thousand times the thing is useless.

A drunkard and a mad man are alike.

A single finger cannot snap.

If you caress a dog, he will lick your mouth.

Gently flowing water will hollow even a rock.

He who listens to the advice of women is a fool.

No fire in the hearth, no bran in the mouth.

The faults of a mother are visited on her children.

Although cold water be heated, it will quench fire.

When food fails, the five senses fail.

He who has studied himself is his own master.

When food or grain is scarce, all is scarce.

If favored by fortune medicine will take effect in due time.

A file will cut a file, diamonds cut diamonds.

Neither child unchastized nor mustache untwirled will be right.

Anger ends in cruelty.

A secret known to one may spread through the world.

Anchor a ship with reference to the wind.

When there is dew there is no rain,
when fruit is ripe there is no blossom.

A family divided against itself will perish together.

A family out of debt is out of danger.

In the world the low are the victims of the high.

The habits of early life will never be forgotten.

Before the big hammer strikes one,
the little hammer strikes two.

That is happiness which springs from virtue.

He who feeds on leaves knows not the flavor of fruit.

Beauty without chastity, a flower without fragrance.

Whether you tread on fire wittingly
or unawares, it will burn you.

If there be flour, cakes may be baked.

When entertainment is discontinued friendship ceases.

Even a wall may have ears.

Experience is knowledge that makes not ashamed.

There are endless ways to lead to death.

He who approves evil is guilty of it.

Even an elephant may slip.

One grain suffices to test a whole pot of boiled rice.

Faith in medicine makes it effectual.

It may yield a large pot of milk, but a cow
that destroys the roof is never wanted.

A crocodile cares not whether the water is deep or shallow.

A restless cow gets milked by force,
and a gentle cow gets milked with kindness.

If rice is thrown on the roof, a thousand crows will come.

Although the rat may cry and lament,
the cat will not relinquish its hold.

Divine favor is common to all, material wealth is not.

Wealth without learning is like beauty without chastity.

A crowd of people in a marketplace is like a puppet show.

Distance promotes close friendship.

Disclose not your defects even to a friend.

The future crop is known in the germ.

Vice will not conquer virtue.

A country without a king, a family without a head.

A woman is young till she bears a child
, and cloth is new till it is washed.

As vice wanes, virtue waxes.

He who pursues a vicious course
will try to lead others into the same.

Chastity is a feminine grace.

Water at a distance is not available in an emergency.

A wealthy family is not exposed to danger.

The weeping child will gain strength.

Mere rumors have neither head nor foot.

A weapon not kept polished will become rusty.

Dignity gains approval, meanness entails loss.

Separation secures manifest friendship.

Children who do their duty unprompted
are as a life-preserving remedy.

Consistency of action is the measure of greatness.

Though a still-born child is brought forth,
there is no escape from the midwife's fee.

The mouth of the slanderer is as fire exposed to the wind.

Virtue is superior to rank.

The fate of the lamb is that of its dam.

An enemy's envy is his own punishment.

An unpiloted vessel will not sail.

A child that eats well thrives.

A crying child obtains milk.

The confession of a fault removes half its guilt.

One day blame, another day praise.

There is no bone in a slanderous tongue.

In the house where rice is pounded for sale,
there is not enough to feed a corpse.

Undeserved punishment is better
than deserved punishment.

Virtue is the support of dignity.


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