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Russian Proverbs (601-700)

The rich man wonders how the poor man lives,
but God helps him.

It is not the gift which is precious, it is the love.

Fraud is often the mother gain,
but gain is not always the son of fraud.

One doesn't go to market with his own price.

Don't count on the free use of someone else's belongings.

In the next world usurers have to count
red-hot coins with bare hands.

Once you have gone to market,
you have told the whole world.

The rich man gets calves, the poor man children.

Once you have sold the mare you may burn the saddle.

There's no meeting of the minds.

Even under a single fir tree,
with a crust of bread is paradise.

The rich and pigs are appreciated after their death.

Every snipe praises his own swamp.

If you're given something,
take if you're beaten, run.

You can't trick an old sparrow with chaff.

Better a sparrow in the granary,
than an eagle in heaven.

A dry spoon irritates the mouth.

When two are fighting, a third shouldn't interfere.

Vodka is aunt to wine.

If God doesn't will it, not even a blister will break out.

A spoon is most valuable at dinnertime.

The shore likewise belongs to the sea.

The husband's sin remains on the threshold.
The wife's enters the house.

That what you shout out will echo back in like manner.

There is no evil without good.

He who plants a hedge around his garden invites it to be jumped.

Sin has no master.

You can't climb into someone else's soul.

Who has been scalded with hot soup blows on cold water.

Every snipe is great in his own swamp.

When a snail travels, he'll get there sometime.

Without someone the water can't be sanctified.

Wherever water flows it will find a way.

Sorrow follows in gaiety's footsteps.

The more you sleep, the less you sin.

A stationary stone gathers moss.

What the eyes do not see the heart does not desire.

When a girl is born all four walls weep.

Defile not the spring from which you may drink.

It's not for stealing that you are punished,
but for getting caught.

The winter sun is like a stepmother.
It shines, but does not warm.

Not all sunshine warms.

There is no greater thief than a master tailor.

He is not a thief who has stolen,
but he who has been caught.

Thanks won't fill one's belly.

You must drink the water of the river you are traveling on.

Some think they are giants
when they sit on the hump of a camel.

You're not a thief until you're caught.

If you have had enough of your friend, grant him a loan.

Do not rejoice over the first gain.

Half success, half failure.

A thief is always tearful, and a swindler devout.

He who avoids the sun will always be cold.

A thief profits little where his host is a thief.

Take your thoughts to bed with you,
for the morning is wiser than the evening.

If thunder doesn't sound, the peasant doesn't cross himself.

Don't vouch for three things-a watch, a horse, and a wife.

A thread from each member of the community,
becomes a shirt for the naked.

One thread from each person and
the naked man will have a shirt.

A wedge is dislodged by a wedge.

No sin, no salvation.

Water doesn't flow under a rock,
which is lying on the ground.

A titmouse in the hands is better than a crane in the sky.

A creaky tree stands a long time.

We dine together, but each one smokes his own tobacco.

If you tickle yourself you can laugh when you like.

A tree which gives too much or too little shade,
should be cut down.

Bend the tree only while it is young.

Everybody loves the tree which gives him shelter.

Whichever way the tree is bending, it will fall.

You won't die before your time is up.

It is a sin to have been present
at a wedding without being drunk.

Two are less to fear than one.

The tree is felled in the forest,
and the splinters fly to the village.

Even walls have ears.

Still waters can burst dams.

The time of death is no time to take a breath.

There's a proper time for every vegetable.

One time isn't the same as another time.

Have a good time if you want, but don't overdo it.

There is a time for work and a time for play.

Time is the best doctor.

Stolen timber also burns.

Being without friends and without connections,
is like being a doctor without ointment.

Freedom for the freed, paradise for the saved.

A tongue will get you to Kiev.

Truth may be harsh, but pleasing to God.

If the Tsar makes you a present of an egg,
he takes from you a hen.

Good wares praise themselves.

Where water has been, there it will be.
Where money once went, there will it go again.

The Tsar has pity, but not the huntsman.

You can't hide the truth.

Drink, eat, but speak the truth.

Trouble isn't hiding behind the mountains.

Tell the truth and try to escape.

Even horses die from work.

God gives man a cross according to his strength.

When the Tsar sins the Empire must do penance.

Everything will pass away, only the truth will remain.

Even truth gets drowned when gold comes to the surface.


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