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Russian Proverbs (401-500)

To a sick man even honey tastes bitter.

Don't drive the horse with a whip, but with oats.

It is not the horse but the oats that draw the cart.

One's own sadness is dearer than another's gladness.

Only what is seen is envied.

Faith can move mountains.

The heart is not a stone.

Every family has its own ugly member.

Our eyes are our enemies.

Who is pleased with little is not forgotten by God.

On a borrowed horse you cannot travel far.

Honor trusts honor.

You ride as you like on your own horse.

The horses of hope gallop, but the asses of experience go slowly.

A house isn't beautiful because of its corners,
but because of its tarts.

Ignorance does not commit sins.

The husband is the law to his wife.

A secret is a friend an enemy if you confide it.

Two scythes can lie together,
but two spinning wheels never.

Force breaks force.

Envy sees the sea but not the rocks.

An enemy will give in, but a friend will argue.

Forge the iron while it's hot.

Sit as crookedly as you like, but judge justly.

An icon and a spade are made from the same tree.

Icons are not bought but exchanged.

A mended jug lasts two hundred years.

With justice you can tour the world.
With injustice you cannot cross the threshold.

The husband is the head, the wife is the neck.
She can turn him whichever way she wants.

After visiting another man's house,
one notices rotten beams in one's own.

The maker of idols does not worship them.

There is no salvation through excessive fasting.

When you have something good,
you ought not look for something better.

Among the saints there was not a single one with auburn hair.

Justice never sinks nor burns.

There is no judgment nor reprisal of proverbs.

The job fears the craftsman.

The job's afraid of a master.

Humility is worse than pride.

If he drinks, half the house is burning.
If she drinks, the whole house is ablaze.

Justice, like oil, will come to the surface,
however deeply you have sunk it.

A judge is like a carpenter, what he wants he carves.

In the time of repletion, remember hunger.
In the time of riches, remember poverty.

You can earn your reward from God but never from man.

Religion has two children, love and hatred.

No joy emanates from a lonely person.

To a drunken man the sea is only knee deep.

Every ruble bears a sin.

A landowner today, nothing tomorrow.

A word of kindness is better than a fat pie.

Knowledge is not always a water that washes away vices.

The wolf's legs feed him.

Do not know too much or you will grow old.

Nobody can betray you so completely,
as your favorite concubine.

Our native land is our mother.
A foreign country is our stepmother.

The parson's eye and the wolf's jaw will eat what they see.

If you live without being a father,
you will die without having been a human being.

There is no law written for a fool.

The more you know the less will you sleep.

The law is like the shaft of a carriage.
You can turn it wherever you please.

He who scratches a scar is wounded twice.

Even good seeds can give a poor harvest.

You can't always use the knout, sometimes the whistle will do.

The knout isn't God, but it will find the truth.

Our native land is our mother a foreign country is our stepmother.

Fear not the law, but the judge.

Harsh law creates guilt.

Gone from the eyes and out of the heart.

If there is a marsh there will be frogs.

Laws are like spider webs:
hornets pass through them,
but flies are caught.

He who laughs last, laughs best.

Because of a stupid head the legs have no rest.

The first knout is for the denouncer.

A landowner today, nothing tomorrow.

As the seed is, so is the fruit.

Rust eats iron.

Flies and priests can enter any house.

You learn from those you associate with.

The law is like a telephone pole: y
ou can't jump over it, but you can get around it.

God is an old worker of miracles.

Law is a flag, and gold is the wind that makes it wave.

An old love doesn't rust.

Live as you can, but die as you wish.

Love and hunger are the foundation stones of all things.

If you don't know the ford, don't step into the water.

Love and eggs should be fresh to be enjoyed.

Fear life but do not fear death.

When rubles fall from heaven, there is no sack.
When there is a sack rubles do not fall.

The less you see him, the more you love him.

Only the living can praise God.

Friendship is friendship, except when it comes to tobacco.

God gives potatoes, but with the peel.

Love and blindness are twin sisters.

An old love is lasting.

Love tells us things which are not.

Living life is not like crossing a field.

Without losing you cannot win.

There is more light than can be seen through the window.

To live is either to beat or to be beaten.

Love has wings on its shoulders matrimony
has crutches under its arms.


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