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Russian Proverbs (201-300)

If the child doesn't cry,
the mother doesn't find out.

Clemency is the support of justice.

Small children give you headache big children, heartache.

Only that is good which other people praise.

The first pancake is like a lump.

A good proverb does not strike one in the brow,
but full in the eye.

A proverb can't be judged.

Nobody dare differ from the community.

For seven ill deeds, one needs to answer only once.

A fighting cockerel does not get fat.

Boldness takes cities.

No one makes contracts with God.

If you are sitting on his cart you must sing his song.

There are no companions in taste or color.

It is easier to bear a child once
a year than to shave every day.

Every peasant is proud of the pond in his village
– from it he measures the sea.

What's been written by pen can't be cut off by an axe.

Blame thr community, it will stand everything.

Love your children with your heart,
but train them with your hands.

A reprimand isn't a reward,
it's not meted out without a reason.

A man's reception is according to his coat,
his dismissal according to his sense.

He who walks is not a comrade to him who rides.

Good deeds travel far bad ones farther.

The cobbler is always without boots.

The daughter's children are dearer than one's own.

Either your chest will be arrayed in medals
or your head will be in the bushes.

Weeping bride, laughing wife laughing bride, weeping wife.

For a deaf person, one doesn't celebrate two masses.

When someone has a pain, that's what he talks about.

God will cook the soup for him who has water, herbs, and wood.

Rely on God, but don't get out of line yourself.

God wanted to chastise mankind so He sent lawyers.

Only God is without sin.

Whatever God gives throw gratefully into your bag.

The cure for old age is the grave.

A reserve brings no misfortune.

The reckoning does not spoil friendship.

To a vicious cow God doesn't give horns.

We all walk under God.

The peasant carries the sack, whatever you put in it.

People can say anything.

If God grants the day, he will also grant the nourishment.

Who has been bitten by a snake dreads even earthworms.

God takes care of those who take care of themselves.

Praise God and love men.

God protects drunks and little ones.

Pray to God but continue to row to the shore.

God sells wisdom for labor and suffering.

To get near to God one need not climb the mountain.

A good reputation sits still a bad one runs about.

Too long pondering brings no resolution.

Don't laugh at someone else's misfortune,
yours is on the horizon.

The bear dances, but the gypsy takes the money.

A friend is recognized only in misfortune.

The shell is needed till the bird is hatched.

God helps the kind.

A girl may be allowed to sin, otherwise
she would have nothing to repent.

God favors the bold.

Dishonor is worse than death.

Even the doorway of the rich is ashamed of the poor.

He who finds a doorway too low must stoop.

Eat until you are half satisfied,
and drink until you are half drunk.

You should eat what you're given.

A drunk can sleep it off, but never a fool.

Who gives many reasons tells many lies.

Repetition is the mother of learning.

The dog does not know how to swim
until the water reaches his ears.

The earth is full of rumor.

He who associates with dogs learns to pant.

A dog can only dream of bones.

Dreams are dreadful but God is merciful.

An egg is most valuable at Easter.

Dread silent dogs.

He who eats quickly works quickly.

Not every dog that barks, bites.

As you make your bed, so will you lie on it.

Each day learns from the day before,
but no day teaches the one after.

The day before you is better than ten years behind you.

The dog is a lion in his own home.

Education is light, lack of it is darkness.

One passes by the cemetery so often
that in the end one falls into it.

You can't sew a coat out of thanks.

What is fallen off the cart is gone.

A good crop, sell early a bad crop, sell late.

A reserve doesn't tear the pocket and doesn't ask to be fed.

Relatives are friends from necessity.

Daring is noble business.

A kind word is like a spring day.

When there is corn the measure will be found.

When God denies a field rain He increases its dew.

Right is a piece of gold which may be cut into strips.

There is no repentance after death.

One must pluck the rich the poor are bare.

He is rich who does not know either
what he has or what he has not.

Praise the day in the evening.

Death is concise like a good proverb.

The cap burns on a thief.

A goose isn't a pig's comrade.

Even the devil rocks the children of the rich.

Every day is a messenger of God.


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