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Death (051-075)

Death never comes too late.
— Irish

Death may occur at six, or at a hundred years of age.
— Indian (Tamil)

Death has no modesty.
— African (Zulu)

Death alone measures equally.
— Czech

Death answers before it is asked.
— Russian

Death carries a fat Tsar on his shoulders
as easily as a lean beggar.
— Russian

Death combs us all with the same comb.
— Swedish

Death comes to us whether
we are standing or sitting.
— Filipino

Death deals doubtfully.
— English

Death in time of youth,
poverty in time of age, are hard.
— Turkish

Death defies the doctor.
— Scottish

Death is the last doctor.
— Swedish

Debt is better than death.
— English

Departure on a journey is not death.
— African (Fulani)

Dishonor is worse than death.
— Russian

Dying is as natural as living.
— English

Dying is not child's play.
— German

Even the nibbling rabbit can gorge itself to death.
— Tibetan

Even he who has accumulated 10,000 coins of silver
cannot take a single one with him at death.
— Chinese

Every door may be shut but death's door.
— English

Every step leads to death.
— Filipino

Everything revolves around bread and death.
— Yiddish

Fear life but do not fear death.
— Russian

Feign death and the bull will leave you.
— Portuguese

Few have luck, all have death.
— Danish