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Death (026-050)

Bread and cheese be two targets against death.
— English

Death is a brother to the Russian soldier.
— Russian

Death has no almanack.
— Russian

Death is a camel that lies down at every door.
— Iranian

Death is the revealer of secrets.
— African (Hausa)

Death is the pursuer, disease the
constant companion of man.
— African (Malagasy)

Death has the key to open the miser's chest.
— African (Ashanti)

Death is the grand leveller.
— English

Death is not a sleeping room that
can be entered and come out of again.
— African (Ashanti)

Death is concise like a good proverb.
— Russian

Death is a black camel that kneels at every door.
— Turkish

Death is blind.
— African (Swahili)

Death is like a dress that, at some point
or another, everyone has to wear.
— Ugandan

Death does not blow a trumpet.
— Danish

Death will come uninvited.
— Lithuanian

Death when it comes will have no denial.
— English

Death for a common cause is beautiful.
— Russian

Death does not come without a cause.
— Irish

Death keeps no calendar.
— English

Death devours lambs as well as sheep.
— English

Death takes the poor man's cow and the rich man's child.
— French

Death has no mercy upon anyone.
— Lebanese

Death squares all accounts.
— English

Death rights everything.
— Maltese

Death regards spring as winter.
— Russian