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Death (076-100)

Funeral is for us all.
— Nigerian

Gray hairs are death's blossoms.
— English

Habit is a shirt that we wear till death.
— Russian

He laughs ill that laughs himself to death.
— English

He is dying of his own bad habits.
— Ghanaian

He needs a long candle who awaits the death of another.
— Finnish

He pulls at a long rope who desires another's death.
— French

He who leads a useless life will die a miserable death.
— Indian (Tamil)

He who sees death, consents to sickness.
— Turkish

He that fears death lives not.
— English

If friends have faith in each other,
life and death are of no consequence.
— Chinese

If you start thinking of death, you are no longer sure of life.
— Yiddish

If one could know where death resided,
one would never stop there.
— African (Ashanti)

Illness is followed by death,
leaving home by staying away.
— African (Ovambo)

In life beware of the law court;
in death beware of hell.
— Chinese

In death everyone is equal.
— Filipino

In a hut one does not get wet,
among the bulls one does not starve to death.
— African (Ovambo)

It is the sea only which knows the bottom of the ship,
as God only knows the time of death.
— African (Efik)

Life is a temporary step,
death is the journey home.
— Vietnamese

Life without a friend is death without a witness.
— English

Look upon death as a going home.
— Chinese

Man has both life and death.
— Rumanian

Man learns till his death.
— Estonian

Marrying and dying are two things for which one is never late.
— Yiddish

Men fear death just as children fear the dark.
— English