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Children (001-025)

A child that does not cry dies in the cloth it is carried in.
— African (Shona)

A child much spoken of does not get very far.
— African (Ovambo)

A child may crush a snail, but it will not crush a tortoise.
— African Oji)

A child who does not fear his father
and mother will not live long.
— African (Ovambo)

A child must creep until it learns to walk.
— Danish

A child that eats well thrives.
— Indian (Tamil)

A talkative child reveals his mother's secrets.
— African (Kpelle)

A child is like a precious stone,
but also a heavy burden.
— African (Swahili)

A child places reliance on its mother.
— African (Zulu)

A child's back must be bent early.
— Danish

A crying child obtains milk.
— Indian (Tamil)

A child's play does not last long.
— African (Swahili)

A child's sorrow is short lived.
— Danish

A child's tears reach the heavens.
— Yiddish

A child's wisdom is also wisdom.
— Yiddish

A child, a drunkard, and a fool tell the truth.
— Hungarian

A child does not break a land tortoise,
but a child knows how to break a snail.
— African (Ga)

A child may have too much of his mother's blessing.
— English

A child is not scolded while he eats.
— African (Ovambo)

A child is a certain worry and an uncertain joy.
— Swedish

A child is like an axe; even if it hurts you,
you still carry it on your shoulder.
— African (Bemba)

A child is caressed by its mother,
but an orphan is caressed by God.
— Polish

A child is a child though he may be the ruler of a town.
— Lebanese

A child's hand is soon filled
and a child's anger soon emptied.
— Swedish

A crying child thrives.
— Japanese