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Charity (13)

Charity begins at home.
— English

Charity has no merit till the houseowner's hunger is satisfied.
— African (Libya)

Charity and pride do both feed the poor.
— English

Charity is also a habit.
— Yiddish

Charity does not come out of a prison.
— African (Morocco)

Charity well regulated begins at home.
— Spanish

Charity protects you.
— Indian (Hindustani)

He is not charitable that will not be so privately.
— English

If one could do charity without money,
the world would be full of saints.
— Yiddish

May your charity increase as much as your wealth.
— Turkish

Stealing and giving away for charity is still stealing.
— Yiddish

The door of charity is hard to open and hard to shut.
— Chinese

Well-regulated charity begins with one's self.
— French