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Children (026-050)

A child's good breeding depends upon the parents.
— Filipino

A child does not know his father's poverty.
— African (Kpelle)

A child does not look into the soup pot for nothing.
— African (Ashanti)

A child does not speak while a grown-up is talking.
— African (Jabo)

A child learns quicker to talk than to be silent.
— Norwegian

A child is a blessing for any man's roof.
— Rumanian

A child with seven nannies often has an eye missing.
— Russian

An old child sucks hard.
— English

Better the child cry, than the mother sigh.
— Danish

Better the child cry than the old man.
— Danish

Better children weep than old men.
— English

By crawling a child begins to walk.
— African (Fulani)

Childhood is freedom.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

Childhood is without care.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

Childhood is a crown of roses,
old age a crown of thorns.
— Hebrew

If a child is sent to the well against his will,
either the pail will break, or the water will spill.
— Scottish

If the child cries, let the mother hush it,
and if it will not be hushed, let it cry.
— Spanish

If the child robs when he begins to walk,
he will plunder a sheepfold when he grows older.
— African (Wolof)

If a child does not resemble its father,
it resembles its mother.
— African (Ovambo)

If the child doesn't cry, the mother doesn't find out.
— Russian

Let a child have its will and it will not cry.
— Danish

Quick child is soon taught.
— English

Children and fools speak the truth.
— English

Children are the riches of the poor.
— Danish

Children are certain sorrow, but uncertain joy.
— Danish