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Turkish Proverbs (201-300)

Two horses are not tied to one stake.

In the spot where honey is, flies too are found.

A single advantage is worth a thousand sorceries.

Death in time of youth, poverty in time of age, are hard.

They who are skillful in art do not
continue in slipper making.

The hungry ass runs more strongly than the horse.

The world is ruined by tyranny,
it is not ruined by pickaxe and spade.

Beauty displays perfection.

Vigilance and precaution are safety.

It is the human tongue which makes
tremble both man and beast.

Good actions are not lost.

One does not descend into a well by a rotten rope.

Everybody beats the donkey that has no owner.

May your charity increase as much as your wealth.

Look not at the shape, look at the character.

Everyone admires his own character.

A man without a trade, a tree without fruit.

A man believes that he has been born,
he does not believe that he will die.

The wound of the hand heals;
the wound of the tongue heals not.

The truth can be told even in jest.

Two captains cause one ship to sink.

He who lives on hope dies of hunger.

One cannot be a lover by force.

A man deceives a man once.

He who is a traitor is a coward.

The hungry dog does not push on in the chase.

Where the front wheels a the carriage
passes, the hind wheels follows.

The parents' trade remains an
inheritance to the children.

To die full is better than walking in hunger.

The lover walks in the snow and does
not make his tracks visible.

A man does not become a savant by licking ink.

The cat cannot catch the hare.

The lover who suffers not anguish
knows not the worth of pleasure.

A man is to be feared from his speech, water from its floods.

Wake not a sleeping lion.

In the presence of an expert a lie is not uttered.

The lion is known by his den.

In the heart of every brave man a lion sleeps.

The wolf and the sheep cannot be of one mind.

A old wolf does not lose his way.

A horse is not caught with an empty sack.

He who desires tranquility must be
deaf, blind, and tongueless.

The excellence of a man is a benefit to the public.

Make no one an enemy without cause.

Keep guard over the tongue that is in your mouth.

Hunger makes the wolf come out of the forest.

Love and a king accept no partnership.

Love is an empire-it admires no partnership.

The lion is valiant, the leopard treacherous.

He who laughs much, weeps much.

There will be a day when laughter comes to mourners.

He who goes on a chase without a
greyhound comes home without a hare.

The wolf catches not the sheep that are counted.

The wolf enters a flock that is without a dog.

Every bird admires its own nest.

The bird flies not without cause.

Laziness keeps on and on,
but it arrives at poverty.

The law gives sentence on what is apparent.

There is no lake without frogs.

The fish is caught from the head.

For finding happiness one
must walk till he be wearied.

To the big-mouthed the ladle is a spoon.

When justice comes, that which is false goes.

Intelligence is a man's capital.

Too much kindness is of no profit to a child or man.

Too much kindness to a man is not profitable,
for he becomes ungrateful.

The gold being gone, let us look to the silver.

The ass that has not enough strength
throws down his pack saddle.

The wolf catches the sheep that separates from the flock.

One cup of wine takes away the whole
of a person's bashfulness.

When two jars are dashed together,
one must be broken.

Intelligence is not sold for money.

The hunter in the chase is like
the traveler on a journey.

The jeweller knows the value of jewels.

Justice watches the eye like a bird.

Justice is the aider of the upright.

The sea is an emperor that listens to no words.

The mouth is not worn away by dint of talking.

Rose without thorns, love without rival, cannot be.

A straightforward word is bitter.

He who pays no heed to the words
of his elders mounts a wild horse.

From bad iron there cannot be a good sabre.

May both seller and buyer see the benefit.

He who sells cheap, sells quickly.

The wasp makes not honey.

The snake, unless he be straightened out, cannot enter his hole.

He who falls into the sea grasps at the eel.

May both seller and buyer see the benefit.

Salt enters into all food.

There must be a handle to an axe.

There is no trust in horse or woman.

The ship of him who confides
in God founders not.

A shop is not opened for the sake of one customer.

A shepherd that is free from debt
is better than a penniless prince.

There cannot be a general without soldiers.

Today's fowl is better than tomorrow's goose.

When one's shoes are tight the world
becomes tight on one's head.

Silence comes from admission.

The snake issues from a hole you would not have supposed.

Womankind is long haired, short witted.