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Turkish Proverbs (301-348)

He who bears trouble patiently
receives his reward.

The grocer does not open his shop
for the sake of one customer.

There is no shame in learning.

Sleep is the excuse of sleep.

No sound comes forth from a single hand.

The son of a wolf will be a wolf,
even if he grows up with man.

However much snow falls,
still it does not endure summer.

By renown and estimation the son of the noble is noble.

There is no sovereignty like bachelorhood.

An old friend is a mount for a black day.

He who speaks much, errs much.

The gardener, for the sake of one rose,
becomes the servant of a thousand thorns.

The earth has ears, it hears every word.

An open enemy is preferable to a hidden friend.

Two dogs do not share one bone.

A snake is not taken with the hand.

Every day the harm arising
from carelessness is endured.

He who comes late shuts the door.

The elephant is bigger than the camel.

The master's eye makes the cow fat.

A man who knows not what is good
is not counted a man.

Until a man dies his value is not known.

The polite man has learned from the unpolite.

The hungry man is not satiated by
looking in the face of the full man.

Not every tree produces fruit.

A tree without water gives no fruit.

He who is a man does not make a mistake twice.

Until a man dies his value is not known.

To a lover, melancholy is no shame.

He who eats when he is full
digs his grave with his teeth.

Without a guide, even into Paradise there is no entering.

The polite man has learned from the unpolite.

Maybe the bottom will turn out better than the top.

The egg of today is better than the fowl of tomorrow.

The little hill of a low district becomes a mountain.

The dog barks and the caravan passes on.

Two dogs do not share one bone.

The dog bites not his master.

The dog knows the hand that gives him bread.

A dog that means to bite does not show his teeth.

Until the soup boils over, the ladle has no value.

The hungry dog does not push on in the chase.

The dog that knows not how to
bark brings the wolf to the sheep.

Two swords do not enter one scabbard.

The keen sword cuts not its scabbard.

He who is hungry embraces the sword.

Mere talk does not satisfy the stomach.

Much talk makes no money.

A shepherd cannot be made from a wolf.