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Turkish Proverbs (101-200)

A debt is not paid with words.

A debt, of which there is no written
acknowledgment, is not demanded.

This world is the unbeliever's paradise.

Destiny spoils plans.

Every departure has an arrival.

It is a good thing to listen to
the words of one woman in forty.

He who conceals his origin is a bastard.

He who keeps his head at home,
loses not his hat in the crowd.

There is not a single season without fruit.

A camel's head does not pass
through the eye of a needle.

A true friend is better than relations.

In an office of trust there must be no treachery.

With patience the sour grape becomes
sweet and the mulberry leaf, satin.

The face of an official is cold.

Without hammering there is no fastening.

Ask the banker about gold, the jeweller about gems.

A diamond, though men throw it
in the mud, is still a diamond.

The dog barks and the caravan passes on.

He who takes no thought at first will at the last repent.

The sparrow has no song, but plenty of twitter.

Press not the tail of a sleeping snake.

A remedy without pain is not to be hoped for.

The knife cuts not its sheath.

The head that bends is not cut off.

They who guard against treachery are few.

A sweet tongue deceives many folks.

The master of the house is the servant of his guest.

However lean the meat may be, it goes well upon bread.

There is no grape without a stalk.

A camel might go to Mecca forty times,
but that doesn’t make him a pilgrim.

The arrow that is shot returns not back.

A belly is nearer than a brother.

Many ants kill a camel.

He who saves the ship is the captain.

A caravan does not turn back at the howling of a dog.

With one arrow two birds are not struck.

He who goes out on a journey without a guide loses his way.

In proportion as anger comes, sense departs.

The head that is cut off does not shoot again.

The bee stays not in a hive that has no honey.

A good friend is shown in a black day.

The vulture catches not the fly.

A dog that means to bite does not show his teeth.

It is proper that the tongue of a debtor be short.

No forest without a bear.

The brave dies, his name remains.

A bird is not taken with the hand.

Business opens business.

Vinegar at a cheap rate is sweeter than honey.

Abundance is from activity.

Do not leave to morning the business of evening.

In the estimation of the nightingale,
a cage of gold is a prison.

One calamity is better than a thousand counsels.

In every business be steadfast.

Violence spoils the game.

If violence comes by the door,
law goes out by the chimney.

Two captains sink a ship.

One guest loves not another guest;
the master of the house dislikes both.

The multitude is like a flock of sheep.

Though the rain fall for forty years it
does not pass into marble.

That which is far from the eye is far from the heart.

Bread, unless it be chewed, is not swallowed.

He whom the heart loves is the handsome one.

If the carriage be not greased, it does not move on.

In the place where the cat is not found,
there are plenty of rats.

Never do business with a relative.

A camel with bells is not lost.

Beauty cannot be by force.

The village that is in sight needs no guide.

Water flows to the low ground.

The camel carries the burden,
the dog does the panting.

When the carriage has been smashed,
they who show the road are many.

Even the ant has his bite.

An athlete does not tell all his secrets.

The camel that leads the file pays
no attention to the rear.

Beauty passes, but perfection remains with us.

It is good to listen to the words of one woman in forty.

A true word needs no oath.

The dog knows the hand that gives him bread.

The horse ambles according to his master.

A halterless horse is not mounted.

Gold takes no rust.

Running water takes no defilement.

Waiting is more grievous than fire.

If the head be left empty, it is not well.

A goose and a girl are never satisfied.

A building without foundation is soon demolished.

One neighbor's fowl seems
a goose to another neighbor.

There is no axe that cannot penetrate a tree.

The buyer repents, the seller also repents.

The tool works, the hand boasts.

The tongue slays quicker than the sword.

A hungry bear does not play.

The account of the donkey is different from
the account of the donkey-man.

A doubtful bargain spoils the stomach.

The hand that gives is above that which receives.

One armpit cannot hold two watermelons.

Water is not carried out in a sieve.

Two watermelons do not go under one armpit.

Too much barley makes the horse burst.