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Japanese Proverbs (501-536)

Thought is silence.

Three persons together, bitter world.

Even if you become the enemy of a good man,
don't become the friend of a bad man.

One cannot run on two crotches.

Unless you are crooked you can't get along in the world.

Although the owl has large eyes, he can't see as well as a mouse.

Without oars you cannot cross in a boat.

Confused crabs miss their holes.

Credit is invisible fortune.

The crab digs a hole according to its shell.

As for man wisdom, as for woman affection.

If a water wheel exerts itself, it has no time to get frozen.

Easily had opportunities are easily lost.

Don't make complaints against a gift.

One dog barks an inanity, ten thousand dogs assert its truth.

Children do not understand the hearts of parents.

In love, company is a nuisance.

Even a packhorse driver looks well in fine clothes.

When advanced in age we become children again.

Children learn from their parents.

Coffin carriers desire the year of the plaque.

A flying bird will sometimes fall.

Children do not have as much affection
for parents as parents have for them.

Advertising is the mother of commerce.

Against reason, no sword will prevail.

There is no hero in the eyes of his servant.

Tadpoles become frogs.

Suspicion generates dark devils.

If you would take, first give.

Even a dog will not eat a quarrel between husband and wife.

It’s the tortoise that discounts the value of a pair of fast legs.

The protruding nail will be pounded down.

The laden almond tree by the wayside is sure to be bitter.

A barking dog is weak.

The starving dog fears not the stick.

The dogs that wags its tail cannot be beaten.


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