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Japanese Proverbs (201-300)

A madman makes people run.

A skilled artisan is not fussy about the material.

There is blessedness in adversity.

Accomplishments will save a person.

Though you may see another's back
you cannot see your own.

There are no limits to avarice.

Aged trees cannot be bent.

Truth is the daughter of the gods.

Fools and scissors may be put to use.

Even a fool has one accomplishment.

Adversity is the foundation of virtue.

It is best not to attain than to exceed.

Control barbarians with barbarians.

For one general to succeed, the bones of
ten thousand soldiers lie drying.

Every man has one fault.

One cannot be a wealthy man from the first.

Man is for one generation his name is for all ages to come.

Man cannot count on certain victory.

Even a wise man makes one error in a thousand considerations.

The righteous man has many hardships.

Small fish mingle with big fish.

Truth often comes out of a joke.

Wine and late rising are short cuts to poverty.

Man for his courage, woman for her attractiveness.

Early maturity, early senility.

There is no medicine to apply to a fool.

Poverty makes a man dull witted.

Look at the manners of others and mend your manners.

What was a deep pool yesterday is but a shallows today.

Sufficient food and clothing will produce good manners.

If it is thought that justice is with us it will give birth to courage.

A fool will soon use up his money.

Where there are many flowers, the fruits are few.

It is contrary to the house where the hen announces the dawn.

Victory or defeat is the destiny of the moment.

Virtue is not an orphan, it will always have neighbors.

Father earns and son spends.

Even medicine when exceeded becomes poison.

Without learning there is no knowing.

Though you sleep in a thousand-mat room, you occupy only one.

There is no medicine for sexual passion.

For marriage and time wait for the final moment.

The righteous man has many hardships.

Build a fence even between intimate friends.

Fate is with heaven.

Proper courtesy should be observed
even between close friends.

When a drunk man reveals his true self.

Bearing in mind yourself, weigh others.

Virtue is not knowing but doing.

Better than birth is upbringing.

When a country is in disorder loyal men appear.

An ill-assorted match is the source of discord.

For lovesickness there is no medicine.

He who departs is forgotten daily.

Don't bear a grudge against the dead.

Eyelashes, though near, are not seen.

Whether a person is good or bad can
be known by the friends he keeps.

When a man just sits and eats,
even a mountain becomes nothing.

A compulsory marriage does not endure.

If masters are masters, servants are servants.

Three persons together are the foundation of a quarrel.

Hot passion cools easily.

Take an umbrella before you get wet.

A warrior deems life a light thing when compared to honor.

In whatever you do unless you have patience you will not succeed.

A dead person has no mouth.

Wealthy persons and spittoons become filthier
as accumulation takes place.

The famished person is not choosy about his food.

The unselfish person will draw a prize.

One peach rotting, one hundred are damaged.

The unselfish person will draw a prize.

When in pain it's best to be alone.

There is no person without a fault.

For a hungry person there is no course food.

The first drink of cold water after intoxication
is unknown to the teetotaler.

The water of even the great ocean comes from one drop at a time.

A person is not always what he appears to be.

In peace do not forget war.

Repay your enemy with a favor.

The fate of one's parents is returned to their children.

Three persons together, bitter world.

A stinking person does not know his own foul odor.

An unskillful person inspects his tools.

A fleeing person is not choosy about his road.

Let each person drive away his own wasps.

The person who goes ahead controls others.

Three persons together are the foundation of a quarrel.

The quarrels of married couples
and the west wind stop at evening.

Spilled water never returns to its tray.

Walls have ears, paper sliding doors have eyes.

Patients of the same disease sympathize with each other.

Fate assists the courageous.

The famished person is not choosy about his food.

In composing poetry you need no teacher.

Control poison with poison.

East, West, there is no place that surpasses home.

The poor have no leisure.

There is no place to be compared to my house.

Your place of abode directs your spirit.

Rather than be praised, try not to be slandered.


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