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Chinese Proverbs (301-400)

Mutual confidence is the pillar of friendship.

There are no filial children at the bedside of long-sick people.

Crows are black the whole world over.

Customers are the precious things goods are only grass.

When you enter a country,
inquire as to what is forbidden.
When you cross a boundary,
ask about the customs.

Better to be too credulous than too skeptical.

When you drink the water, remember the spring.

Look at the weather when you step out,
look at men's faces when you step in.

In a narrow lane watch out for a dagger.

The crow does not roost with the phoenix.

One evening's conversation with a superior man
is better than ten years of study.

A whitewashed crow will not remain white long.

Even a clever daughter-in-lw finds it hard to cook without rice.

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.

The world's affairs are but a dream in spring.

He who could foresee affairs three days in advance
would be rich for thousands of years.

Keep your broken arm inside your sleeve.

When a word has once left the lips,
the swiftest horse cannot overtake it.

Water can support a ship, and water can upset it.

One's acquaintances may fill the empire,
but one's real friends can be but few.

In bed, husband and wife out of bed, guests.

Settle one difficulty, and you keep a hundred others away.

If you want your dinner, don't offend the cook.

The poorer one is, the more devils he meets.

To see a man do a good deed is to forget all his faults.

He who hurries cannot walk with dignity.

Evil deeds done in secret are seen by the spirits as a flash of fire.

To learn what is good,
a thousand days are not sufficient.
To learn what is evil, an hour is too long.

Better be a demon in a large temple than a god in a small one.

To pour out water is easy, to gather it up is difficult.

Clean out the drainpipes while the weather is good.

To be for one day entirely at leisure
is to be for one day an immortal.

The deer hunter does not look at the hare.

There is a day to cast your nets and a day to dry your nets.

Though you are starving to death, do not steal.

There is a day to be born and a day to die.

One dog barks at something
and a hundred bark at the sound.

Dragons beget dragons
phoenixes hatch out phoenixes.

It is easier to know how to do a thing than to do it.

The door of virtues is hard to open.

Dogs show no aversion to poor families.

Distant water cannot quench a fire nearby.

Water may flow in a thousand channels,
but it all returns to the sea.

With money you are a dragon, without it you are a worm.

It is easy to go from economy to extravagance
it is hard to go from extravagance to economy.

When with dwarfs, do not talk about pygmies.

Heaped up earth becomes a mountain
accumulated water becomes a river.

A dragon stranded in a shallow water
furnishes amusement for the shrimps.

If the dog goes when the cat comes, there will be no fight.

Beat your drum inside the house and your neighbors will not hear it.

Even though your dwelling contains a thousand rooms,
you can use but eight feet of space a night.

The dove recognizes its own ridgepole.

A good drum does not require hard beatings.

If water is too clear, it will contain no fish.

Keep your offense in your bosom,
and you may meet as before.

A lean dog shames his master.

Better a dog in times of peace than a man in times of rebellion.

A drum beaten on a hill is heard far and wide.

Diseases enter by the mouth, misfortunes issue from it.

In beating a dog, first find out who his owner is.

When the flight is not high the fall is not heavy.

Strike a flint and you get fire.
Don't strike it and not even smoke will come.

He who will not accept an old man's advice,
will some day be a beggar.

He who carries a basket of lime leaves footprints wherever he stops.

Forethought is easy, but regret is difficult.

Even though you have ten thousand fields,
you can eat but one measure of rice

The big fish eat the little fish, the little fish eat the water-insects,
and the water-insects eat the weeds and the mud.

To meet an old friend in a distant land
is like refreshing rain after a long drought.

One generation plants the trees under whose cool shade another generation takes its ease.

Fuel is not sold in the forest, nor fish on the shore of a lake.

If you cannot catch fish, catch shrimps.

You raise flowers for a year you see them for but ten days.

Fuel alone will not light a fire.

Friends should have a high wall between them.

Friends while wine and meat are there,
husband and wife while there are fuel and rice.

Can't load a small boat with heavy cargo.

A well-known friend is a treasure.

You can't catch two frogs with on hand.

If you believe in gambling, in the end you will sell your house.

The older ginger and cinnamon become,
the more pungent is their flavor.

The friendship of officials is as thin as paper.

Always treat your friends as when you first met them,
then in old age you will have no hatred in your heart.

If there are no fish in this place, then drop your hook in another.

A single fiber does not make a thread.

When you have tea and wine, you have many friends.

If one piece is moved wrongly, the whole game is lost.

Gamblers know neither fathers nor sons.

It is easier to visit friends than to live with them.

It is difficult to win a friend in a year,
it is easy to offend one in an hour.

Make friendships with men better than yourself,
better none than those like yourself.

If you continually give you will continually have.

Good friends settle their accounts speedily.

If a gambler can reform, then there is a cure for leprosy.

When fortune has departed,
even yellow gold tarnishes when good fortune comes,
even iron shines brightly.

The fish that escaped is the big one.

Whatever satisfies hunger is good food.

It is better to call upon others by yourself, than to send others.

When fortune is good, you rule over the devils.
When fortune is bad, they rule over you.

If you drink with a friend, a thousand cups are too few.
If you argue with a man, half a sentence is too much.

To be a thousand days a ghost is not equal to being one day a man.


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