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Ugandan Proverbs (101-150)

The goat eats the grass where it is tied.

The frog does not run in the daytime for nothing.

The elephant dies, but his tusks remain.

The best blessing for a good harvest is
a pumpkin full of sweat.

The haughty blind person picks a fight with his guide.

The dog never forgets its owner.

The day never turns back again.

The best of mankind is a farmer; the best food is fruit.

The elephant never gets tired of carrying its tusks.

The woman finds an empty house,
she doesn’t find riches.

The one who sees the beauty doesn't see the difference.

The new moon cannot come until the other has gone.

The wise are as rare as eagles that fly high in the sky.

The wiseman's promises are like dew on the field.

The wisdom of the elderly is like the sun,
it illuminates the whole village.

The owner of the dog does not obey his dog.

The injured animal is covered with flies.

The tracks of the elephant cancels those of the antelope.

The wind does not break a tree that bends.

The weak warrior wearing sandals overcomes
the brave with a thorn in his foot.

The mouth makes debts, but the arms pay.

The hunter knows his prey.

The river swells from the little streams.

The owner of the house knows where his roof leaks.

The tears running down your face do not blind you.

The water pot presses upon the small circular pad.

The rich is never satisfied.

The hyena sleeps with the sheep.

The leopard's skin is beautiful, but his heart evil.

The nose of a cow feeds among thorn trees
and shows no scars.

The worm that gnaws on the bean is the one inside the bean.

The reddish-brown biting ant that breaks away from
the trail is the one that turns into the big black ant.

The voyager's path is marked by the stars
and not the sand dunes.

The rainmaker who doesn't know what he's doing
will be found out by the lack of clouds.

The moon lightens well but leaves certain areas in the dark.

The paw prints of a leopard are not trodden on by a dog.

The one chased away with a club comes back,
but the one chased for a reason doesn’t.

The patience of a young girl brings joy to the parents;
at the end it brings celebration.

The tail of the cow watches to the right and left.

The jaws have nothing to chew if the feet do not walk.

The thread follows the needle.

The thoughts of the wise
are like stars in the galaxy: never ending.

The people to whom things belong
are the same people who are greedy.

The thorn will come out from where it went in.

The person who has not traveled widely
thinks their mother is the greatest cook.

There is always room for the people you love,
even if the house is crowded.

There is no hiding place on the water surface.

There is more wisdom in listening than in speaking.

They share only water from the well.

Those who respect the elderly
pave their own road toward success.