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Ugandan Proverbs (051-100)

Evil penetrates like a needle and then becomes like an oak tree.

Flies' legs, like the tongue of critics, land on whatever they find.

From the word of an elder is derived a bone.

God provides for the blind vulture.

Good actions are nourishment for youths,
much more than words.

Harsh words hurt more than a poisonous arrow.

He flees from the roaring lion to the crouching lion.

Hunger pushes the hippopotamus out of the water.

I have to learn how to walk on three legs
says the hyena for when I am old.

If one is roasting two potatoes, one of them i
s bound to get charred.

If God breaks your leg, He will teach you how to limp.

If a frog leaves the swamp for the mountains, it means it is in danger.

If the metal is not good, you cannot take it out on the blacksmith.

If the tiger sits, do not think it is out of respect.

If you chase away an ant,
all the ants will come and bite you.

If he is not lost, do not look for him.

If you shake a dog, you shake his owner.

If you don't respect your parents, you were cursed.

If you kill a little hippopotamus, you also kill his mother.

If you have a lot, give some of your possessions;
if you have little; give some of your heart.

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stones.

It is better that trials come to you
in the beginning than in the end.

It is better to have no law than not enforcing it.

It is easier to transport an ant hill
than exercise authority in a village.

It is the youth who rebuilds the ruins.

It is easy to pull a thorn out of someone else's skin.

Let rats shoot arrows at each other.

Little by little the bird builds its nest.

Look for a black goat while it is still daytime.

Love is like a rice plant; transplanted, it can grow elsewhere.

Mother is God number two.

No matter how full the river is, it wants to swell further.

Old and new millet seeds end up in the same mill.

Once the mushroom has sprouted
from the earth, there is no turning back.

One who sees something good must narrate it.

One who is crazy for meat hunts buffalo.

Only the feet of the voyager know the path.

Only the owner can free his home from mice.

Passion and hatred are children of intoxicating beverages.

Stretch your legs the length of your bed.

Sweet and sour walk hand in hand.

The hunter that speaks too much, goes home empty handed.

The good looks of a moron do not stay that way for long.

The bridge is repaired only when someone falls in the water.

The eyes of hunter cries every time he makes a kill.

The bull should be taken by the horns, a man at his word.

The drums of war are the drums of hunger.

The death of an elderly man is like a burning library.

The chicken that digs for food will not sleep hungry.

The heart of an evil person is never pure.