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God (001-025)

A flower won't fall from the branch
if it is not God's will.
— Filipino

A man carries the powder and God the bullets.
— Polish

A riddle made by God is not solved.
— African (Bemba)

A hill with trees is the hand or finger of God.

A secret between two is God's secret;
a secret between three is everybody's.
— Spanish

All is good that God sends.
— Scottish

All that God does is done for the best.
— Hebrew

Ask God for as much as you like,
but keep your spade in your hand.
— Armenian

Be contented with what God has given you.
— Filipino

Before you find God, you are eaten by the saints.
— Rumanian

Being a burglar with a cough and supplicating to God
with a grudge in the heart are not productive.
— Ghanaian

Better the world should know you as a sinner
than God know you as a hypocrite.
— Danish

Bullets are shot by men and God deals them out.
— Mexican

Do not blame God for having created the tiger,
but thank him for not giving it wings.
— African (Ethiopia)

Don't go to the threshold without God.
— Russian

Dreams are dreadful but God is merciful.
— Russian

Even God who is God cannot please all the world.
— Rumanian

Even God does not satisfy all people.
— Slovak

Even God gets out of a drunkard's way.
— Rumanian

Even God forgives fools.
— Russian

Every day is a messenger of God.
— Russian

Every man for himself and God for us all.
— English

Everyone sneezes as God pleases.
— Spanish

Everyone for himself, God for us all.
— Dutch

Everyone in his own house,
and God in all men's.
— Spanish