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Friends (326-355)

Truth at times parts the best of friends.
— Indian (Bihar)

Try your friend before you have need of him.
— English

Two sparrows on the same ear of corn are not long friends.
— French

We can live without our friends, but not without our neighbors.
— English

What do eyes and friendship have in common?
Minor incidents can damage both.
— Ghanaian

What you give to a good friend is not lost.
— Polish

When you have a pretty wife, you are a bad friend.
— Yiddish

When a peasant gets rich, he knows
neither relations nor friends.
— Spanish

When entertainment is discontinued
friendship ceases.
— Indian (Tamil)

When friends meet, heart is warm.
— Scottish

When I lent I was a friend, when I asked I was unkind.
— English

When a friend asks there is no tomorrow.
— English

When love puts in, friendship is gone.
— English

When men are really friends,
then even water is sweet.
— Chinese

When poverty comes in at the door,
friendship flees out at the window.
— Scottish

When two friends have a common purse,
one sings and the other weeps.
— English

When wine comes to an end, so does conversation;
when money comes to end, so do friends.
— Serbo-Croatian

When it is a friend that asks, don't wait till
tomorrow to grant it.
— Filipino

When you have figs in your haversack
everybody seeks your friendship.
— Albanian

When you have tea and wine,
you have many friends.
— Chinese

Where wealth is established it is difficult
for friendship to find a place.
— Russian

Where friends, there riches.
— German

Your friend’s mother is your mother too.
— Kenyan

While the pot boils friendship blooms.
— English

Who ventures to lend, loses money and friend.
— Dutch

Who tells the truth loses his friends.
— Hebrew

With clothes the new are best;
with friends the old are best.
— Chinese

Without a true friend the intelligent man
cannot know the mistakes that he makes.
— Chinese

Yellow gold is plentiful in the world;
white-haired old friends are few.
— Chinese

You can't patch up a torn friendship.
— Yiddish