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Experience (32)

Age brings experience, and a good mind wisdom.
— Greek

Be one's trade good or bad, it is experience
that makes one an adept at it.
— Irish

Caution is born of unpleasant experience.
— Filipino

Even the best people experience
the misfortune of divorce.
— African (Egypt)

Experience is the best of schools.
— Lebanese

Experience is the best rule to walk by.
— American

Experience is the best teacher.
— German

Experience is the father of wisdom,
and memory the mother.
— English

Experience is the mother of knowledge.
— English

Experience keeps a dear school,
but fools will learn in no other.
— English

Experience is better than knowledge.
— Filipino

Experience is sometimes dangerous.
— English

Experience makes men wise.
— American

Experience teaches fools.
— English

Experience without learning is better
than learning without experience.
— English

Experience is the mistress of fools.
— English

Experience is knowledge
that makes not ashamed.
— Indian (Tamil)

Experience is sometimes dangerous.
— English

Experience is good, if not bought too dear.
— English

Experience is sometimes dangerous.
— English

Experience is a long road.
— Swedish

Experience is good, but often dear bought.
— Scottish

He most values safety who experiences danger.
— Iranian

He who in youth is idle will
experience hardships in old age.
— Filipino

Proverbs are the daughters of daily experience.
— Dutch

The tongue of experience has most truth.
— African (Egypt)

The experienced man is a small prophet.
— Slovenian

The fish in the well experiences no pleasure.
— African (Hausa)

The horses of hope gallop,
but the asses of experience go slowly.
— Russian

To hear it told is not equal to experience.
— Chinese

Travel is a gloomy and trying experience.
— Japanese

Without experience one gains no wisdom.
— Chinese