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Excess (13)

Anything in excess is unhealthy.
— Yiddish

Excess is unhealthy.
— Yiddish

Excess mars perfection.
— Greek

Excess in clothes leads to debt, in spending to slavery,
in eating to harm, in sleep to stupidity.
— Burmese

Excessive courtesy can harm no one.
— Filipino

Excessive politeness assuredly conceals conceit.
— Chinese

Excessive desire entails great loss.
— Indian (Tamil)

If in excess even nectar is poison.
— Indian (Tamil)

Moderation is medicine, excess is peril.
— Burmese

Sorrow is born of excessive joy.
— Chinese

Sudden joy kills sooner than excessive grief.
— English

The number drowned in alcohol is
in excess of those drowned in water.
— Indian (Tamil)

There is no salvation through excessive fasting.
— Russian