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Danger (026-050)

When a frog leaves the swamp for the mountains,
it means it is in danger.
— Ugandan

If a snake bites your neighbor,
you too are in danger.
— African (Swahili)

It is dangerous to eat cherries with the great;
they throw the stones at your head.
— Danish

Man sees the gain, not the danger.
— Chinese

Out of debt, out of danger.
— English

Quiet dogs and still water are dangerous.
— German

Shun danger and it will shun you.
— Irish

The fire which is screened
by elders is not dangerous.
— African (Bemba)

The greater the fear, the nearer the danger.
— Danish

The fowl is not aware of its danger before it is caught.
— Indian (Tamil)

The danger past, God is forgotten.
— English

The danger past, our vows are soon forgotten.
— English

The more acquaintance the more danger.
— English

The lone sheep is in danger of the wolf.
— English

The thief is no danger to the beggar.
— Irish

The most dangerous of wild beasts
is a slanderer; of tame ones a flatterer.
— English

There's danger in delay.
— American

To defer repentance is dangerous.
— Irish

To evade danger is not cowardice.
— Filipino

Too much luck is dangerous.
— Russian

What is not wisdom is danger.
— English

When we have gold we are in fear,
when we have none we are in danger.
— English

When a neighbor's roof is in flames,
one's own is in danger.
— Indian (Tamil)

When the fox preaches to the goose
, the neck is in danger.
— Danish

Without danger we cannot get beyond danger.
— English