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Danger (001-025)

A danger foreseen is half avoided.
— English

A woman and a glass are ever in danger.
— English

A timid man is far from danger.
— Irish

A wealthy family is not exposed to danger.
— Indian (Tamil)

A common danger produces unity.
— Slovak

All is not lost that is in danger.
— Spanish

All fame is dangerous.
— English

An obliging fool is more dangerous than an enemy.
— Russian

Better pass a danger once than be always in fear.
— English

Blind belief is dangerous.
— Kenyan

Danger is next neighbor to security.
— English

Danger and delight grow on one stock.
— English

Danger makes men bold.
— American

Delays in love are dangerous.
— Scottish

Experience is sometimes dangerous.
— English

Fear is greater than danger.
— Swedish

Foolish fear doubles danger.
— English

Gifts from enemies are dangerous.
— English

Great dangers lead to great honors.
— Greek

He most values safety who experiences danger.
— Iranian

He that always fears danger always feels it.
— English

He that fears danger in time seldom feels it.
— English

He that will sail without danger must
never come upon the main sea.
— English

He who turns aside avoids danger.
— French

He who waits for a dead man's shoes
is in danger of going barefoot.
— French

He is out of danger who rings the alarm bell.
— Spanish