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Blind (076-089)

There is no difference between blackness and blindness.
— Greek

There is a difference between staring and stark blind.
— English

Though love is blind, yet it is not for want of eyes.
— English

Though the cat winks she is not blind.
— English

To the blind, glasses are of no use.
— Korean

Too much money blinds the eyes.
— Lebanese

Two blind men cannot guide each other.
— African (Shona)

War is blind.
— African (Swahili)

When the blind man carries the banner,
woe to those who follow.
— French

When the shepherd is angry with his flock,
he appoints a blind sheep as leader.
— Hebrew

When anger blinds the eyes,
truth disappears.
— Danish

When it comes to one's own children,
then everybody is blind.
— Yiddish

When the blind leads the blind,
both fall into the ditch.
— English

Who wants a thing is blind to its faults.
— African (Egypt)