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Blind (051-075)

Love blinds.
— African (Swahili)

Love blinds itself to all shortcomings.
— Lebanese

Lovers think others are blind.
— Italian

Masters should be sometimes blind, and sometimes deaf.
— English

Money will open a blind man's eyes
and will make a priest sell his prayer books.
— Chinese

None are so blind as those that will not see.
— English

One blind ox will lead a thousand oxen astray.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

Self-love is blind.
— Dutch

Shut your eyes if you are among the blind.
— Hungarian

Swim quietly in shallow water,
lest the water will splash and blind you.
— Hawaiian

The blind are quick at hearing;
the deaf are quick at sight.
— Chinese

The blind eat many a fly.
— English

The blind horse is fittest for the mill.
— English

The blind man's wife needs no painting.
— English

The blind man is not afraid of ghosts.
— Burmese

The blind want only eyes.
— Iranian

The afterthought is good for nought,
except it be to catch blind horses with.
— English

The eye is blind if the mind is absent.
— Italian

The eye should be blind in the home of another.
— Irish

The hasty bitch brings forth blind whelps.
— English

The foot has no eyes; it is blind.
— African (Zulu)

The one-eyed person is a beauty
in the country of the blind.
— African (Egypt)

The wife should be blind and the husband deaf.
— English

The haughty blind person
picks a fight with his guide.
— Ugandan

There is justice in the world, but it is blind.
— Lithuanian