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Jamaican Proverbs (80)

Two bulls can't rule in one pen.

The horse's front feet don't know what the back feet say.

Every foot feels its own pinching.

A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character.

Before you are married keep your two eyes
open; after you are married shut one.

The dog that hates to obey his owner
will sleep without his supper.

A wise captain carries more ballast than sail.

The dog that strays too much loses his share.

Fry the big fish first and the little ones afterward.

Every dog thinks himself a lion in his master's yard.

When the bull is old they turn him into the cow pasture.

A dog will eat cockroaches rather than go without his supper.

If you love the cow you will love the calf.

What is not good in the morning will hardly be good by night.

The hungry fowl wakens early.

You catch a cow by her horns, but a man by his words.

Too many cousins ruin the shopkeeper.

A cotton tree may be ever so big, but a little axe can fell it.

Curses like chickens come home to roost.

A cock can't ride horseback although he has a spur.

Chips never fly too far from the block.

Send away your child and your
back gets a rest, but not your heart.

A clear conscience sleeps during thunder.

If speech is worth a shilling, silence is worth a pound.

Keep your secret in your own gourd.

A friend is not so easy to find as to lose.

Salt never calls itself sweet.

If you saw what the river carried,
you would never drink the water.

When the rum is in, the wit is out.

All kinds of fish eat man but only sharks get the blame.

The skin fits closer than the shirt.

Shoes alone know if the stockings have holes.

A beautiful woman is a beautiful trouble.

Before you walk you have to creep.

A stranger does not know the back door.

If your stomach is not strong, do not swallow cactus seed.

Bad pasturage makes sheep shabby.

Young birds do not fly too far.

A sweet tongue hides a bad heart.

Woman is as double faced as a star-apple leaf.

If a woman doesn't want to dance
she says her frock is too short.

The needle makes clothes, but the needle is naked herself.

If a boat has not a good bottom it cannot go to sea.

A big blanket makes a man sleep late.

The hungry belly and the full belly do not walk the same road.

Pride makes the crab go sideways.

A cheap bargain wastes money.

Man builds the house, but woman makes the home.

A beggar who begs from another
beggar will never get rich.

All heads are heads, but all luck is not luck.

He is a clever man who can drive
away hunger by working his jaw.

If you can't overcome a man, you would
best call him your friend.

A little bush sometimes grows better than a big tree.

The alligator lays eggs but it is not a fowl.

The best ground has weeds.

Good friends are better than pocket money.

All ducks do not dabble in one hole.

You can't boil the pot with green sticks.

The best passion is compassion.

The stillest pig sucks the most milk.

A dog has four feet but he can't walk four different paths.

It's the willing horse they saddle most.

Many bits make a pound.

Deaf ears give the tale-monger trouble.

To eat an egg, you must break the shell.

A man can't smoke and whistle at one time.

Bushes have ears, walls have eyes.

A shriveled plantain banana is
better than none at all.

Today the bucket is good, but some
day the bottom will fall out.

When the burial day comes, do not
argue with the grave diggers.

If you have too many irons in the fire, some will burn.

The candle does not burn top and bottom.

Who has no knife, may not eat pineapples.

Dead hogs have no fear of hot water.

If the new hoe wishes to know how tough
the ground is, let him as the old hoe.

A dog will eat cockroaches rather than go without his supper.

A dog has four feet but he can’t walk four different paths.

If you saw what the hog ate, you would never eat hog meat.

Every dog thinks himself a lion in his master’s yard.

The dog that strays too much loses his share.