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Hawaiian Proverbs (69)

The early morning is the time to find the people at home.

While the sun is still up let men work that the earth may live.

Do not refuse to be taught.

The inexpert surf rider breaks his board.

The rat shows its teeth when crying.

All do not come from the same school.

Sin is the canoe that will land you in hell.

When the shoals are full of fish,
the birds will light on the beach.

Even bad smell is found in sweet places.

If the source of the water is bad,
the dirt will reach to the low lands.

If you raise a sow, payment is inside of her.

Gladness follows victory.

Do not make friends with a woman, else you will live on tears.

When the smoke rises, there is fire below.

Am armless person can not clean a fish dish.

Things carefully kept are not gotten at by rats.

If the rat is neglectful, the cat will seize it.

Am armless person can not clean a fish dish.

No house is too full of good feeling;
it is given and then taken away.

There is no wrongdoing in an empty house.

When the man oversleeps the wife can only look on.

The fish will not look at bad bait; you can only bring home crabs.

The man who ensnares birds is always on the watch.

While the rain is still away, open up the mulch straw.

The bird in full feathers flies.

The sand crab is small, but digs a deep hole.

Do not look at the breadfruit in the field.
Look at the breadfruit in front of you.

Eels of shallow water shoe their color.

When the heaven weeps, the earth lives.

The eye of the thief glances about.

The hand applauds, the mouth assents.

The little fish cannot swallow the big fish.

When the wind blows fiercely the sea is gray.

If you yawn when out fishing, you will get no fish.

There is certainty as to the mother,
uncertainty as to the father.

No pay smells bad.

The bruises inflicted by a sweetheart
are the brands of affection.

Any loafer can get shrimps when the shrimps are plentiful.

Love is like fog, there is no mountain on which it does not rest.

One sees love after living together.

To obey is life; to disobey is death.

The lips of a scolding woman
are always quivering.

Small knowledge moves slowly.

The kite flies because of the tail.

The humble-hearted is sure-stepped.

Those above are going down, those below are going up.

Truth is steadfast.

When the beautiful woman blooms, the law bites.

All wisdom is not taught in your school.

Do not be easily led, lest you become a child.

A lazy beauty is fit only for the dunghill.

The mouths of certain people are always clacking.

Swim quietly in shallow water,
lest the water will splash and blind you.

You are known when you have plenty.

The tongue is the rudder of the words of the mouth.

Woman is like a ripe banana leaf-when poked it tears.

A chief is known by his subjects.

Abuse is like a god that destroys his master.

The stars are indeed the spies of heaven.

A good surf rider will not get wet.

Careless work with the hands brings
unclean food to the mouth.

The mouth may talk, but keep your hands busy.

A water gourd gurgles when not full.

The stain upon a person's character without fault will vanish.

The featherless bird lolls around.

The dog knows you by his tail.

While the rain is still far off, thatch your house.

The heads of the gods are hidden in the clouds.

The dog knows you by his tail.