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Ghanaian Proverbs (051-100)

If you want to lean on a tree, first make sure it can hold you.

It is not only one person who bathes in the witch's water.

It is foolhardy to climb two trees at once
just because one has two feet.

It is not becoming to uncover one's behind to cover the face.

It is not the cook's fault when the cassava
turns out to be hard and tasteless.

It is only one bad palm tree that spoils the whole lot of palm wine.

Kindness with words is as readily
available as goods in the market.

Kinship is like the scales; it keeps one on balance.

Little palm tree, stop crying, you child is the tall palm tree.

Man must always be happy in order to perform well.

Misfortunes do not have set times for coming.

Misfortunes do not come only to slaves.

Money is like the waters of a swelling river, it flows away.

Never ride in a boat made of clay.

No matter who you are you will never
let your cow sink into the mud.

Old woman, if you are quarrelsome, make your own fence!

Once you throw your spear, it is gone.

One man's enemy is another man's friend.

One repeatedly is a big bunch.

One does not forego sleeping
because of the possibility of nightmares.

One palm nut cannot be peeled twice.

One piece of green wood is enough
to stop the others from burning.

One's character is written in stone.

One’s name remains above the grave.

Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem.

Owl, why are you so quiet? I am quiet because of words.

Relatives are a better defense than a fortress.

Remorse never comes first.

Some proverbs bring a quarrel; and others finish a quarrel.

Struggle farming, don't see them eating.

Teeth are all friends among each other.

The old woman looks after her hens
and the hens look after the old woman.

The chief is only as strong as his people.

The child of a snake is snake.

The horse has four legs but still falls sometimes.

The death that passed already, even if
they tell it to you today does not cause sorrow.

The army of the palm tree is its branches.

The horse can take you to the battlefield
but cannot do the fighting for you.

The beast of burden will die, but its workload remains.

The blood soup made of one palm nut is shared in little drops.

The dog does not worry when the
chicken runs over to the bones.

The dead are no longer terrible.

The drum that beats well is the one that breaks.

The grasshopper which is always
near its mother eats the best food.

The orphan does not rejoice after a heavy breakfast.

The pains of the crocodile are known only to the hippopotamus.

The one who visits you is better than
the one who sends you greetings.

The witch is going! The witch is going! but
if you are not a witch you don't turn around to look.

The mouth of an elderly man is without teeth,
but never without words of wisdom.

One man’s curse is another man’s blessing.