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Ghanaian Proverbs (001-050)

A child can pass through a lion’s hole.

A mother’s womb is technicolor; it gives birth
to any kind and character of children.

A night without roosters will still end.

A chicken that keeps scratching the dung-hill
will soon find the mother’s thigh bones.

A man who rides a crazy horse is crazier still.

A tune is made meaningful by lyrics; a point
is elucidated by analogies and idioms.

A raven's age matters not when there are grasshoppers.

A fowl shuns the poisonous worm.

A rooster prays in his own way.

A secret belongs to one person.

A village pounds their grain at night,
only when they have something to hide.

A rope which is pulled for a long time, breaks.

An aging man gets closer to his land and an
aging husband closer to his wife.

Another person's heart is a wilderness.

As the chimp gets higher and higher climbing
the tree it exposes its unflattering behind.

Because he hardly closes his mouth the fool's teeth suffer from frost.

Being a burglar with a cough and supplicating to God
with a grudge in the heart are not productive.

Better a single decision maker than a thousand advisors.

By coming and going, a bird weaves its nest.

Do not open the mouth of a snake to see its teeth.

Don't blame the darkness if you bump into a pole.

Dreams can be told but not acted.
It is sometimes easy to say a thing,
while you can’t do it.

Even though the sound of the horn is not pleasant,
it is still blown by a man's mouth.

Every thing is good when it is used properly.

Gast differences among people are in
the realm of character, not anatomy.

God’s displeasure is the serious thing; that of others can be endured.

Grumbling causes the slave to be sold.

Half of one’s strength in conflict situations is one’s verbal skills.

Hate has no medicine.

Having little knowledge is like having
your hands tied around your neck.

He is dying of his own bad habits.

He who leaves truth behind, returns to it.

He who feeds you keeps an eye on you.

He who seems to be for you may be working against you.

He who marries a real beauty is seeking trouble.

He who eats alone dies alone – without mourners.

Hoe and slash is your father and mother.

However rich a man is, it is not right to plunder his things with big pans.

If the young palm tree wants to stay alive, it grows next to the odum tree.

If the stone falls on the pot, woe to the pot;
if the pot falls on the stone, woe to the pot.— Ghanaian ❖

If a mouse enters into the hole of a snake, forget about it.

If two proverbs are not similar, one is not used to explain the other.

If an arrow has not entered deeply, then its removal is not hard.

If something doesn't please you,
it makes everything else bitter to you.

If the neighbor is quarrelsome, they will make thier own fence.

If you have some food in your mouth, and you are roasting something, it becomes well roasted.

If you wish to kill a crocodile, quickly rap on its egg.

If you collect peppers one by one,
the plant grows well; but if you break the stem, it dies.

If you don't farm you are not eating.

If you come near the river, you will hear the crab cough.