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Ghanaian Proverbs (101-141)

The wasp says that several regular trips
to a mud pit enables it to build a house.

The old lady doesn't wear properly the rag that is tied
about one's chest when mourning for a close relative.

The strength of the palm tree is in its branches.

The last quail to fly is the one struck by the hunting sticks.

The sound of a small baby can be heard easily in heaven.

The poor man laid an egg
and the rich man hatched it.

The prickly branches of the palm tree
does not show preference even to friends.

The one who fetches the water is
the one who is likely to break the pot.

The old woman's meat is vegetables.

The Princess has all rights in her home.

The kingdom of the mushroom is the stem.

There is something better somewhere.

There is no medicine against old age.

There is no distinction among the common
baskets made of palm branches.

They do not build in the red ant's village.

Those who farm little, harvest less.

Though the lion and the antelope happen to live in the same forest,
the antelope still has time to grow up.

To eat with speed causes one to spit out continuously.

To fight with everyone can result in shortage of pallbearers at your funeral.

To hunt in the morning is to meet animals.

Two calabashes floating in a basin of water will touch each other,
but not damage each other.

Unity is strength.

Until the lion has his or her own storyteller,
the hunter will always have the best part of the story.

Wealth usually comes in walking but exits running.

What do eyes and friendship have in common?
Minor incidents can damage both.

When the bag tears, the shoulders get a rest.

When your eyes are poked your grip on someone’s throat loosens.

When a wild pig walks in the daytime,
something has caused it to leave its hiding place.

When they gossip about someone listen as if it were about you.

When the palm nuts ripen, you carry half and I carry half.

When you are at home, your troubles can never defeat you.

Where there is wisdom, the well doesn’t run dry.

Wherever a wise man goes, he goes with his wisdom.

Who follows the elephant will have no problems.

Wind is never caught by hand.

Work very hard at what you do;
dine as well as you can afterwards.

You can tell if a house is good if a
lot of children are playing around it.

You must be patient to solve a case or a problem.

You make a new arrow by comparing it to an old one.

Your close friend can be your worst enemy and vice versa.

Your words reveal the kind of person you are.