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God (251-275)

We all walk under God.
— Russian

We decide our affairs, then we rest them with God.
— African (Jabo)

What God wills, what God desires, that will be.
— African (Morocco)

What God wants is deeds, not words.
— Filipino

What God made, he never mars.
— English

What God does is probably for the best.
— Yiddish

What God decrees, man cannot prevent.
— Yiddish

What God will, no frost can kill.
— English

What God joins together, let no man put asunder.
— German

Whatever God gives throw gratefully into your bag.
— Russian

When a friar begs in the name of God
he does so for himself too.
— Mexican

When God cooks, you don't see smoke.

When an enemy digs a grave for you,
God gives you an emergency exit. — Ugandan

When God will, all winds bring rain.
— English

When a poor man cries for help, only God will aid him.
— African (Ovambo)

When God denies a field rain, He increases its dew.
— Russian

When God means to punish a nation,
he deprives the rulers of wisdom.
— German

When God so wills, the broom loses its handle.
— Hungarian

When God wants to break a man's heart,
he gives him a lot of sense.
— Yiddish

When God wants to make a poor man hppy,
he makes him lose his donkey and then find it again.
— Armenian

When the knife is over a man's head,
he remembers God.
— Pashto

When God will help none can hinder.
— Scottish

When God will not help, all the saints cannot help.
— Serbo-Croatian

When God will not, the saints cannot.
— Italian

When God wishes, even water can burn.
— Russian