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God (226-250)

The oppressor will not be helped by God.
— African (Morocco)

The river passed and God forgotten.
— English

The secret of two is God's secret;
the secret of three is everybody's secret.
— French

The ship of him who confides
in God founders not.
— Turkish

The thief on the point of breaking
into a house calls on God for help.
— Hebrew

The pike knows the bottom of the lake,
and God the bottom of the sea.
— Finnish

The voice of the people is the drum of God.
— Indian (Hindustani)

The voice of the people, the voice of God.
— English

The chick loved by God will grow up, though motherless.
— African (Hausa)

The world sees the mouth, God sees the stomach.
— African (Hausa)

The people's voice, God's voice.
— French

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.
— Irish

They are well guided that God guides.
— Scottish

They that worship God merely for fear,
would worship the devil too, if he appear.
— English

They are poor whom God hates.
— English

Though the devil is up early,
God is up before him.
— American

Time is God's and ours.
— Dutch

To get near to God one need not climb the mountain.
— Russian

To a vicious cow God doesn't give horns.
— Russian

Trust in God, but tie your camel.
— Iranian

Trust in God and put your shoulder to the wheel.
— Polish

Trust not to God but upon good security.
— French

Truth may be harsh, but pleasing to God.
— Russian

Truth is found only with God, and with me only a little.
— Yiddish

Use the means, and God will give the blessing.
— English