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God (276-291)

When God wishes to succor, men cannot destroy.
— Yiddish

Where God does not make the key the lock is not secure.
— Russian

Where God helps, nothing harms.
— English

Where there is love, there is God.
— Russian

Where there is peace, God is.
— English

Where God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel.
— German

Where God cooks, no smoke rises.
— African (Bemba)

Who doesn't keep faith with God won't keep it with man.
— Dutch

Who gives not thanks to men, gives not thanks to God.
— African (Egypt)

Who is pleased with little is not forgotten by God.
— Russian

Whom God loves, his bitch litters pigs.
— Spanish

Whom God wishes to punish,
He deprives of his reason.
— Russian

With one hand God punishes
and with the other he blesses.
— Yiddish

Woe to him who is not content
with having God as his sustenance.
— Irish

You cannot deceive God even by getting up early.
— Russian

You can earn your reward from God
but never from man.
— Russian