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Spanish Proverbs (301-400)

Water past will not turn the mill.

Everyone wishes to bring water to his own
mill and leave his neighbor's dry.

Every country has its custom.

Before the time great courage; when at the point, great fear.

It is courage that vanquishes in war, and not good weapons.

Lip courtesy avails much and costs little.

Where you lost your cloak, seek it.

It goes ill in the house where the hen sings and the cock is silent.

Sugared words generally prove bitter.

The tongue of a bad friend cuts more than a knife.

The best cloth has uneven threads.

He who takes the wrong road
must make his journey twice over.

The tongue goes where the tooth aches.

Charity well regulated begins at home.

He who promises incurs a debt.

Seven is company, and nine confusion.

Give a traitor good words and you make him loyal.

The spider's web lets the rat escape and catches the fly.

The mouth that says yes, says no.

It is a loss of soap to wash the ass's head.

Honey was not made for the mouth of the ass.

There is no mother like the mother that bore us.

A handful of motherwit is worth a bushel of learing.

He who is in the mud likes to get another into it.

The thief thinks that all men are like himself.

The thread breaks where it is thinnest.

There is no thief without a receiver.

A good name covers theft.

If the sky falls there will be pots broken.

A monkey remains a monkey, though dressed in silk.

A mule and a woman do what is expected of them.

A handsome woman is either silly or vain.

When one wolf eats another,
there is nothing to eat in the wood.

Walls sink and dunghills rise.

He who dances well goes from wedding to wedding.

Money turns bad into good.

Misers' money goes twice to market.

Everyone is wise when the mischief is done.

Rats do not play tricks with kittens.

If there were no receiver there would be no thief.

Money soothes more than a gentleman's words.

The mill gains by going, and not by standing still.

He who remains in the mill grinds, not he who goes to and fro.

He who does not repair his gutter has a whole house to repair.

A bad compromise is better than a successful suit.

Give orders and do no more, and nothing will come of it.

The fierce ox becomes tame on strange ground.

The oaths of one who loves a woman are not to be believed.

After one vice a greater follows.

Trouts are not caught with dry breeches.

He who keeps his own secret avoids much mischief.

The rat that has but one hole is soon caught.

Tomorrow's remedy will not ward off the evil of today.

He who has been stung by the scorpio
n is frightened at its shadow.

The ox comes to the yoke at the call of his feeder.

In the long run the greyhound kills the hare.

One grievance borne, another follows.

A peasant between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats.

You can't make pancakes without breaking eggs.

Tell not all you know, nor judge of
all you see, if you would live in peace.

Neither sign a paper without reading it,
nor drink water without seeing it.

Ask not after a good man's pedigree.

When a peasant gets rich, he knows neither relations nor friends.

Through not spending enough, we spend too much.

Truth, like oil, always comes to the surface.

The rat that knows but one hole is soon caught by the cat.

Foster a raven and it will peck out your eyes.

Better be the head of a rat than the tail of a lion.

He who would cheat the fox must rise early.

A good paymaster is keeper of others' purses.

He who does not tire, achieves.

He who has a good wife can bear any evil.

When thieves fall out the thefts come to light.

He who pours water hastily into a bottle spills more than goes in.

A tree often transplanted neither grows nor thrives.

The pitcher goes so often to the well
that it leaves its handle or its mouth.

There is no pot so ugly but finds its cover.

Poverty is no sin, but it is a branch of roguery.

Sleep over it, and you will come to a resolution.

Poverty is no sin.

Pay what you owe, and be cured of your complaint.

He falls into the pit who leads another into it.

Poverty does not destroy virtue, nor does wealth bestow it.

When poor, liberal, when rich, stingy.

Every potter praises his pot, especially if cracked.

Every peddler praises his own needles.

The stew mixed by many is ill seasoned and worse cooked.

A secret between two is God's secret;
a secret between three is everybody's.

The pig’s tail will never make a good arrow.

He who plays with a sword, plays with the devil.

A hundred tailors, a hundred millers.
And a hundred weavers are three hundred thieves.

He who talks much, errs much.

The dog that kills wolves is killed by wolves.

When the old dog barks he gives counsel.

The dog wags his tail, not for you but for your bread.

He who wants to kill his dog has only to say he is mad.

A barking dog was never a good biter.

The lame goat has no siesta.

The smith’s dog sleeps at the noise of
the hammer and wakes at the grinding of teeth.

A measly hog infects the whole sty.